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Recent content by The Messiah

  1. The Messiah

    Manchester United

    This transfer window has been painful.
  2. The Messiah

    Should Ched Evans be allowed to play again?

    He should move to the Indian Super League. He'll feel right at home.
  3. The Messiah

    Upcoming Movies

    CZIt20emgLY I hope this finishes M. Night Shyamalan for good!
  4. The Messiah

    Poll requests for team threads

    Should Manchester United sell out & sell the stadium naming rights? Yes/No
  5. The Messiah

    Did you make this?

    Did you make this?
  6. The Messiah

    PFA Player of the Year 2011-12

    He's a shithouse. :mariolaugh:
  7. The Messiah

    Upcoming Movies

    It is Jonno. He looks weird with the bridge of his nose altered.
  8. The Messiah

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    Legendary mode on FIFA is a joke. Even shitty teams like Wolves keep the ball for fun.
  9. The Messiah

    PFA Player of the Year 2011-12

    You would have thought he would have at least got nominated. 21 years old, new country to replace van der Sar!
  10. The Messiah

    PFA Player of the Year 2011-12

    No de Gea? What is this?!
  11. The Messiah

    Stupid whore.

    Stupid whore.
  12. The Messiah

    Movie debate(500 days of summer)

    Autumn or Summer?
  13. The Messiah


    Coquelin with his shitty no look passes with no one around him was pissing me off.
  14. The Messiah

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    Yes, more than Crystal Palace! I hate the game quitters who quit when you score in the first few seconds.
  15. The Messiah

    FIFA 12 Discussion

    Finally in division 1 on H2H. Manchester City ftw!