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Recent content by thompson.

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    Diego Maradona Face

    Class that mate, but i must ask what software you used?
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    a don fink der iz bruv Cripes, speak fuckin english man
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    Xbox Or Ps2

    PS2 no doubt...
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    Manchester United

    Well, the majority dont go mate! And if your implying your a hardcore fan cos you go 3 times a year, i think you will find your not!
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    For the people saying before that i was implyin that you cant support man u if your not from manchester are wrong...i never meant that at all, but why dont you support your local team instead of jumping on the bandwagon?
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    Newcastle United

    Charver?! Mackem scum :P
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    No doubt, hes a good player...but some people cant see past him, namely all the people who support man u but on their location it says: London or Pakistan or summit
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    Newcastle United

    Did'nt think my thread would take off like...Perhaps it's cos the majority of this forum know fuck all about football and just support man u cos they're good?
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    Top 5 Strikers In the world

    1. Alan Shearer 2. Patrick Kluivert 3. Craig Bellamy 4. Shola Ameobi 5. Oh and Henry's canny good an all
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    Newcastle United

    As the glory boys get one, i thought i'd make a toon thread Good result last night in Israel, although they were the dirtiest team i've ever seen lile!
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    Manchester United

    Here, do any of yous go to OT to watch them?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    I'm not mate, i just find it tedious
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    The official "lets all wank ourselves bandy over Rooney" thread

    He's fat, he's scouse, he'll rob yer fuckin house. rooney, rooney !
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Why is it that nearly every person on this fourm licks Ronaldos ring peice? Fair enough hes good, but most people on here cream themselves whenever his name is mentioned...
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    pes 4 will be released at 14 oct!!

    Class shop that. Cheap as chips!