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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Liga Pro Argentina G. Parede Vasco da Gama (Bra A) > Tallares (Arg) C. Auzqui River Plate (Arg) > Tallares (Arg) Brazil Serie A Mateus Ribeiro Chapacoense (Bra B) > Santos R. Bueno FA > Operario (Bra) English Championship Stewart Downing FA > Blackburn
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    How to add a national team PS4?

    Yeah, you can't really do it. I've made pseudo-national teams by putting all national players on one club team, saving the team, and then putting them in a custom cup. I would love if there were fake NTs
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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Is it just me or is Djaniny Tavares on both Al Ahli Saudi and Trabzonspor? He transferred to Trabzonspor in October
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    This is really good except for Bundesliga. The kit file names for most Bundesliga don't match the .ted files. Werder Bremen matches but the other teams don't. Some say "BUN_Arm.png" but then the file says "Armina.png" . Also some of the keeper kit base colors don't match. Also the Bundesliga...
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    MLS and Liga MX same option file

    Thank you! It still doesn't seem that daunting since it's only 19 MLS teams, as 6 teams already go into Other Latin American. Unfortunate that there's 25 places and 26 MLS teams.
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    MLS and Liga MX same option file

    I'm totally new to editing option files but I saw siuming's .ted editor and it's intriguing, so I'd like to give it a shot I found a few Liga MX and MLS option files, but the teams ID numbers overlap in PLA League. I'd like to change the team ID numbers to set Liga MX in PLA, and MLS to Other...
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    Hi from Toronto

    I had played PES from 15-18 then went back to FIFA but glad to be back for 2021. Thank you to everyone for all your enjoyably tedious work. It's a great community here.