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  1. Usul

    HBO "Game of Thrones"

    Holy fuck... I'm shocked. That was some intense shit.. Well worth the long ass wait.
  2. Usul

    'The Hobbit' Trilogy

    That's an extremely weak response. He clearly got shafted from all angles. What could we expect anyway? He already did this with LoTR at the expense of Glorfindel. It doesn't get more sacrilegous than that. I have this trait which might not be a positive or flexible aspect of what may be...
  3. Usul

    'The Hobbit' Trilogy

    About Aragorn's age at this point, I haven't checked the numbers but I recall Dunedain aging slower than normal men. Perhaps he was a young man by now. I'm not sure and too lazy to check, but if he is actually a young lad, it's a pretty fucking dumb move on Jackson's part. On the moushy front...
  4. Usul

    Boardwalk Empire

    It's worth watching. If only to see the ending and some of the character's fates. Also, the casting for the flashbacks was worthy of mention. The guy playing young Nucky was particularly good.
  5. Usul

    The Walking Dead

    I forgive her. I don't think we've mentioned this enough, but she's a fine looking woman. The webisodes were okay, bordering on shit. They're a nice filler between seasons, I guess.
  6. Usul

    The Walking Dead

    I watched the first batch. It was the story of the girl cut in half that Rick puts out of her misery during the first episodes of the first season. His first kill, I think. They were nice. I had no idea they had three more stories. I'm definitely watching the rest.
  7. Usul

    The Walking Dead

    The van drop looked like a case of bad editing or directing. I enjoyed the episode overall. I always enjoy seeing flashbacks. After the intro and the first flashback I was beginning to think that it was sort of a tribute because it was going to be Carol's last episode. I kept waiting for it...
  8. Usul

    Best Live Scores App?

    I'm sticking with FotMob. They provide line-ups, stats and pre-match articles. Plus commentary for some matches. Plus you can add favorites and fill up your calendar. Livescores does the job but was way too bland for my liking. I've heard good things about 365scores as well.
  9. Usul

    Your favorite footballer.

    I was saying that with a Boyka accent. Yes, attacker would be more accurate. R9 was great, but CR7 isn't half the player R10 was.
  10. Usul

    Your favorite footballer.

    Ronaldinho in his prime, was the most complete footballer the world has ever seen.
  11. Usul

    Al Pacino,underrated but as good if not better than DDL?

    Crazy scene. I've never even heard of Cruising :huh: What was that handkerchief shit about? :unsure: EDIT: After doing a search I get very few hits and low quality choices. Strange, seems to be a very good plot. Extremely controversial for the eighties. Must watch this tonight.
  12. Usul

    The Walking Dead

    Exactly. I think it's usually very realistic. Of course the zombies are a constant threat. Besides, in theory you'd always be doing your best to avoid them. The fact that this group is so experienced in dealing with them, doesn't mean that they're easy to kill when their numbers are great...
  13. Usul

    The "What TV Show Did You Last Watch" Thread (*24 hour spoiler rule*)

    It's a long fucking list and you know it.
  14. Usul

    'The Hobbit' Trilogy

    Gollum's Song forever in my play list.
  15. Usul

    The Walking Dead

    The last three episodes should be intense.