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Recent content by venom1300

  1. venom1300

    [FACES] Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players 2012

    For Serdar Kurtulus maybe use David Villa for face and hair? :D
  2. venom1300

    Back of the Net !!!

    Welcome to the forums ;)
  3. venom1300

    hey guys PES fans

    Welcome to PESGaming vandesir! ;)
  4. venom1300

    Hi I want to introduce myself

    Wait , record!? Since when did he join? Welcome anyways :)
  5. venom1300

    Can anyone please make these faces!!

    hi killer for his face a combining thing you can use is drogba?
  6. venom1300

    Exporting created player?????

    I don't think you will be able to export created players, but hopefully in the future you might able to ;)
  7. venom1300

    [FACES] Faces by Azul10

    :D I like the tree. Merry Christmas!
  8. venom1300

    Hi Everybody

    :karl:well......... WELCOME:laugh:
  9. venom1300

    PES 2012 PS3 barcelona third kit

    for PS3 you can't o pc im not sure
  10. venom1300

    Hello?... is this thing on?

    :troll: welcome to pesgaming
  11. venom1300

    Hi , i´m Manchezter

    :ninja:welcome my friend
  12. venom1300

    Faces by Matto96

    can you make index pls. :)
  13. venom1300

    hello from pes-1malaysia