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    The PES 2019 Request Thread

    The Brazilian Ronaldo Hello, Does anyone have PS4 file for the Brazilian Ronaldo real face? I saw some very good ones but they are all for PC.
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    Delete/ Reset imported teams

    Hi all, sorry if someone has asked this question before. But is there a way to delete or reset certain imported teams not all of them to the original Konami teams? Say if I do the delete images of 1 or 2 teams, the team names and some players are still there. Can I do something like reset so...
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    Women's OF

    Hi, I am just wondering if there was any patch for Women's team ever been made? Thank you,
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    Log in to Pes on Ps4 with a different account?

    Oh good to know, tbh I just went back to Pes after 8 years. So I am guessing my next question is If it’s possible to bring the image files down to 1024? The legend files I downloaded from pesuniverse were made in 2048. Thank you
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    Log in to Pes on Ps4 with a different account?

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering if there’s a way to create another account profile/ data to log in to Pes19 on Ps4? Say I want to import different patch files into two different accounts without messing up anything? And the spaces for image files would not be an issue again. Thank you
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    The shirts never get dirty

    Hi, I am not sure if anyone has brought up the issue that the jerseys in the game never get dirty? They always look clean in the whole game.
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    Importing Option file-Multiple Teams at once

    Hi, I am new memeber, I am not sure if anyone ever brought this up. Is there a way I can import multiple teams (10-20) from my WEPES folder at once in to one league? I don't want them to go randomly to everywhere, just want to keep them in one league. Thank you