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  • I failed, that's why i said forget it about it lol.

    Give me a day and time and i'm there. Of course im paying.
    Lets sort day, time out. And you can forget about what was exactly about lol.
    Firstly send me your credit/debit card my way lol

    Secondly You taking me Nandos hehe
    Sorry about this late reply Ziss, first time I've been on in months. Amsterdam is great for that sort of thing, or so I've heard....I have no real knowledge of buying a ticket like that, but I do know it's not really sold out unless AZ, PSV, Feyenoord or Twente comes to town. Or Champions League of course (*tears*).

    For any other game you should probably be fine. Though I think you need to buy a Club Card if you want to buy tickets, I think it is something like 6 euro's for a few years, but you have to buy it in advance and it takes about 2-3 weeks I believe.

    Though this might help:

    It's in advance, but if you don't find anything about buying it on the matchday itself this is useful. Love the avatar by the way!

    As for the UEFA Cup, I look forward to seeing Man Utd going for a 1-1 in Amsterdam, and then whooping us royally at Old Trafford, haha.
    Well, when I got ISS Pro Evo 2, so did my younger brother. We couldn't buy the same players as the other person, unfortunately he got Babangida (or has we referred to him..... Baban-Chicken-Tikka).

    I think we had about 8 ML teams each. We even did ones were we could only pick players from certain nations (6 nations if I remember correctly).

    Unfortunately, our time having ML battles did not end well, as (in a moment of pure PES rage) I threw my brothers memory card at him, it missed, hit the wooden frame on my bed, and he lost all his data.

    Sunday Oliseh was awesome, as were most of the Nigerian team.
    Bloody hell! That's going back a bit. Back to the days when they used to call it International Superstar Soccer.... not even Pro!

    My first was ISS Pro Evolution on the PS1. Amokachi > Babangida! :nath:
    Why do you have the legend that is Tijani Babangida as your avatar?
    Yes i uploaded a pic, but not such a great image so everyone didn't masturbate to much over my stunning good looks:troll:.
    He's just gone ott regardless how awesome as he proclaims to be on a pro evolution forum.
    You got to admit, he is good at what he does with his constant superiority complex being as an electrician :lol:
    I used to be a plumber and the sparky(electrician) was treated as a second class citizen.
    I just can't take him seriously without no pic of him on the forum.
    I just think he's a nerdy white guy.:true story!!!:
    Just thank god he hasn't posted his name, because it would be to immense for us mere mortals take in.

    Hi 777 i know your gonna read this!!!
    your pathetic!!!!!!!!!!
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