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  1. BarnDoor

    Twin Peaks (The Revival)

    Twin Peaks (The Return) As is only fitting, I have been forced to consume at least one slice of humble pie. I expected this Twin Peaks revival to fail, but I underestimated the genius of Lynch. This is shaping up to be something perhaps as extraordinary as the original run. I will...
  2. BarnDoor

    Which 'Beloved' Golden-Age Comedian/Comic Actor/'Entertainer' is Next for the Grave?

    Today has seen the passing of a true great, Sir Ronnie Corbett. His death follows hard on the heels of the untimely demise of the legendary Sir Terry Wogan, and the sad end of the incomparable Paul Daniels. Unfortunately, it seems as though the great entertainers of yesteryear are dropping...
  3. BarnDoor

    Hall of Fame 2016

    We know Sting's in. A list has leaked apparently revealing the other names, a number of which would make sense given it's in Texas: - The Fabulous Freebirds - Jacqueline - John “Bradshaw” Layfield - Charles Wright (The Godfather / Papa Shango / Kama Mustafa) - Regis Philbin (Celebrity...
  4. BarnDoor

    Disney's Star Wars Films [BEWARE - SPOILERZ]

    Figure it was about time we had a shit thread for these kinds of things, just so TH could fag out and me and Iron could moan about how shit it all is. Anyway, the track listing for the OST leaked on Amazon France. It has since been taken down, but some cunt translated them. Make of this what...
  5. BarnDoor

    This Is England '90

    So after one feature film and three series’ Shane Meadows’ This is England has (seemingly) come to an end – not with a satisfying bang, but more of a deflated whimper. The transition from film to TV was never going to be easy for This is England, even with something this relatively low-budget...
  6. BarnDoor

    Shoutbox FC - FIFA 16 Clubs [PS4]

    (I'm sorry Sweey - I really am) Right then - who is in? Moreover, who is in right from the off (next Friday)? We're not fucking about here, we're going straight into it.
  7. BarnDoor

    The FA Need to Step In and Bring The New Diving Law

    I think it's high time now that the FA bring a rule in that prevents ANY football player from diving in an attempt to fool the officials and win an unfair advantage, possibly at the expense of getting an opponent booked or even sent off. Too many players are making a mockery of the sport -...
  8. BarnDoor

    Evidently Chemotown

    SQUAD (23) Adrian (GK) £1.5m Darren Randolph (GK) £1.5m Martin Skrtel (DF) £13.5m Daryl Janmaat (DF) £10.5m Kieran Trippier (DF) £6.5m Winston Reid (DF) £6m Cuco Martina (DF) £3m Paul Dummett (DF) £3m James Collins (DF) £3m Kevin Wimmer (DF) £3m Gylfi Sigurdsson (MF) £18.7m Gerard Deulofeu...
  9. BarnDoor

    Film Analysis, Genre Guides and Other Talk

    Rather than fill up the Shoutbox and post things in unrelated thread, I thought I'd start a new thread where we can discuss cinema, request and provide recommendations, compile authoritative lists of genres for people seeking more along a certain vein, and all kinds of other shit. We'll try to...
  10. BarnDoor

    PESG Fantasy Football 2014-15 Transfer Gossip

    Pro-Russian Skleparatists Owner Igor Kuntzkof has confirmed the club will be looking to offload some of their 'brighter talents' - believed to include César Azpilicueta and Romelu Lukaku - due to mounting debts and increasing pogroms ('The Warsaw Wankrag') Title-chasing Evidently Chemotown are...
  11. BarnDoor

    [BarnDoor's] PESG Fantasy Football 2014-15 Press Conferences

    JohnSound has yet to respond.
  12. BarnDoor

    Evidently Chemotown

    SQUAD Fraser Forster (GK) Julian Speroni (GK) Ryan Bertrand (DF) Vlad Chiriches (DF) Fabricio Coloccini (DF) Massadio Haidara (DF) Daryl Janmaat (DF) Mamadou Sakho (DF) Ryan Shawcross (DF) Rolando Aarons (MF) Mehdi Abeid (MF) Nacer Chadli (MF) Remy Cabella (MF) Cesc Fabregas (MF) Tom...
  13. BarnDoor

    HBO's True Detective

    Late to the party but I just finished this masterful series yesterday and was surprised to see it lacks a thread around here. This easily stands tall with HBO's other great mini-series' like Band of Brothers and John Adams IMO. Brilliantly conceived, written and directed. The two central...
  14. BarnDoor

    Empire's 301 Greatest Movies of All Time Your thoughts? How many have you seen? Are there any you haven't seen but hope to get round to doing so at some point? I'll follow up with my thoughts when my internet stops being shit, but I do have two general observations right now: 1) The top of the...
  15. BarnDoor

    A Ghost Story for Christmas

    There are few finer things at this time of year than sitting in a comfortable chair (preferably near a fire) at night and reading, listening to, or even watching a classic ghost story. The prolific M.R. James is undoubtedly the master of the genre, though mention must also be made of Algernon...
  16. BarnDoor

    October '31 Days of Horror' Challenge

    Inspired by a thread on another forum, I thought a '31 Days of Horror' challenge might be a good idea for the coming month of October. Essentially you pick 31 horror films and then watch them over the course of October. Ideally this would be once a day, but this won't be possible for all people...
  17. BarnDoor

    GTA Online

    PESGaming Mob (PS3) Jonno (Boss) (jonno394) BarnDoor (Commissioner) (BarnDoor1) Phatmann (Commissioner) (Phatmann2008) Appswah (Lieutenant) (Appswah) Joel (Lieutenant) (inZane88) Sweey (Lieutenant) (calcio_di_rigore) Ali (Lieutenant) (alistair26) Haribo (Lieutenant) (AndyClimax) Pategato...
  18. BarnDoor

    WWE Hall of Fame 2013

    So old Bruno has finally decided to accept eh? Certainly deserving but I can't help but think things must be a little tight in the Sammartino household. Perhaps David has ended up on the streets blowing men to survive? I see Mick Foley and Bob Backlund are also in. That's quite a loaded class...
  19. BarnDoor

    'Bottom' to be revived! Is this potentially the greatest news in the history of mankind? I believe so. Just please get it done lads.
  20. BarnDoor

    The Punisher - Dirty Laundry short

    Seriously badass. I dislike CGI blood but I'm happily willing to overlook it in this instance due to the delirious orgy of violence: bWpK0wsnitc&feature=player_embedded Delicious arms and leg breaks galore. Please Thomas Jane succeed in making an actual film this violent. And yes that is Ron...