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  1. Makavelian


    Missed the match as I was busy (thankfully) Welbeck goal made it more bearable. Jose saying glad he sent arsenal fans home happy:lol::lol: Sympathise with fans that want change because you deserve better but wouldn't be surprised if you got rid and then would be looked back as a mistake...
  2. Makavelian

    Manchester United

    Never thought I'd want to win the UEFA cup so much. Quite confident that we could make a challenge next year even though challenging for a title seems so far away. Hopefully we let Smalling and Jones go in the summer. Impressed with Rojo this year. Need another CB in though to play alongside...
  3. Makavelian

    FC Cornholio - FIFA 17 Clubs [PS4]

    Still play same time? Way too late for me nowadays though that:lol: Sure you're all gutted I can't be apart of this wonderful club this year. Hopefully better than last years shite clubs
  4. Makavelian

    Fifa 17

    ended up getting it on release day on a wim. Absolutely engrossed in the story mode. Got a good few games in and come across spoilers so lost interest in it. Can't be arsed online and while legendary is better with them still making mistakes, shit playing ai so selling it ha. Heard pes is mint...
  5. Makavelian

    The Hip/Hop Thread

    Red and meth concert the other month, amazing. iMjL0kmCTrw
  6. Makavelian

    Fifa 17

    I'm sold. Was gonna get rid of my ps4 cause I don't play it but even that story mode looks worth it. Probably just itching for a football game though with the euros on. Gonna get it of that digital discount games site so will only be about 20 quid. Did clubs die this year or what?
  7. Makavelian


  8. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

  9. Makavelian

    The "What Movie Did You Last Watch" Thread

    Straight Outta Compton. Lived up my expectation. Really enjoyed it and it flew despite being like two and half hours. Plenty of talk about spin offs, mainly one about using the 2pac guy who made a short appearance in it.
  10. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

  11. Makavelian

    Playstation 4

    Great website for ps4 games cheap :thumbsup: Was a bit sceptical at first when a lad at work mentioned it but after someone tried it who he also told, getting fallout 4 for 15.99, not bad..... So I thought I'd try. New cod for 16 quid happy days. You pay him then he...
  12. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

  13. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

    YR3O19x2nPE that first verse from the weekend:smug:
  14. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

  15. Makavelian

    The Hip/Hop Thread

    Came across the bad documentary on Netflix, absolutely amazing. One of the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. Seeing him when he was just coming through singing live at the bbq with large pro and the rest, unbelievable stuff. Watch that shit!
  16. Makavelian

    Electronic Problem Thread

    They always say from personal experience and from others that there's no point. How did you do that Matt?
  17. Makavelian

    PES 2016 Demo Discussion

    Anyone experienced both the ps4 and pc versions? While I didn't play much of the ps4 demo it seemed so good but downloaded it for the pc and it seemed awful. I just written it of as another bad game after a promising demo but maybe I'm wrong and the pic version is a watered down version what EA...
  18. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

    wHzbZbdb0I8 QYwyaCd8MyI
  19. Makavelian

    Shoutbox FC - FIFA 16 Clubs [PS4]

    To O?. Since I started playing clubs I've usually always gone on the keeper like that at close free kicks but as it was out of my camera angle and I button bashed as you started running up to take it, must have been shoot the last button I pressed. I can assure you I wasn't being a cunt and...
  20. Makavelian

    What song are you currently listening to?

    eCGV26aj-mM Gotta love the story in this song. Surely everyone relates??