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    WENB PES2014 Option File (Xbox 360)

    file Excellent file m8 keep up the good work, you and daymos are the Bosses
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    Gee's pes 5 of 2012-2013 (ps2 & pc)

    file very good file keeps getting better
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    Gee's pes 5 of 2012-2013 (ps2 & pc)

    file Very good option file m8 - I still play pes5 and update my file all the time, but it takes time.
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    ~DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF~

    excellent file m8 keep up the very good work................
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    PES5 OF on 360?

    xsata you will need the xsata to transfer the file to the 360, thats what i use if you look on the net you can pick them up for about £30.00
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    2012/2013 PES 5/WE 9 Option File

    file thank you very much just what i wanted.
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    editing help

    team names you cannot change the country names - you can add countrys but you have to add them in leagues where you can change the names but that is it.
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    [PS2] PES2012 OPTION FILE Bundesliga & Champions League

    file for some reason filefront will not work on my pc can you email the file direct to me please? email is if you will [email protected] thank you
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    pro evo 5 + xsata

    I have just bought the xsata and have installed my fab pro evo 5 option file on to my 360, should have done it a long time ago this is still the best pro evo around. that with pes editor you cannot go wrong everyone should be doing it leave the new ones alone.
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    Xbox edit mode. Why always are we unlucky?

    Its a bit of both as sony are region free for games but not films, microsoft were the other way round, so you have to have both.
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    Bought the game at midnight, returning it tomorrow!

    I have just put my beloved pro evo 5 on my 360 via the xsata and that is enough for me this is by far the best football game ever and will always be.
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    pes 5 super patch option file 2010

    old file this file is miles old m8 need a new one not many about now i think not many people play pes 5 anymore, shame realy best pes ever.
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    Pes5 Ts Exe Editor, anyone?

    I still use pes 5 editor its on the download page, and still there unless you mean somehting else, they are all there.
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    Pes5 Ts Exe Editor, anyone?

    go to go to all the editors are there.
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    We9 lek of updated to 02/02/2010

    very nice m8 you have saved me a lot of time, load of players.
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    Okay well how about this - new editing question

    as far as i can see 40 is the lot! as for pc to ps3 i think it is a different format so no.thant all i can say.
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    help: saving emblems or kits

    you only have a maximum of 40 emblems to save?
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    PES6: The Debate

    graphically fantastic,gameplay wonderful,no team edit aah no. as for the premier league copyright reason ? if you can use the edit mode on the ps2 and pc version you should be able to use it for the 360 version as the games are basically the same just different format that should not make a...
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    DKZ Studio 0.92b Build 01/06/06 *NEW*

    help I am new to editing i have downloaded the dkz studio but it comes back with i need a licence to use it??? were do you get that from can anybody help.
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    Xbox Patching

    option file if you look on ebay there are people selling option files on a memory card which have new kits and transfer they say they are up to date.ps2 and xbox