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    PC option file DLC 1.00

    Is the link in the first post to the latest version?
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    PC option file DLC 1.00

    Thank you for doing this. :) I prefer just using a Option File to patching the PC version.
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    PES 6 Option file 2011

    Really enjoying the OF, but I noticed that the Norwich kit is the wrong colors. I recreated this real life free kick off the bar using your OF. Looks good. :)
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    PES 6 Option file 2011

    This Option file looks to be great but unfortunately PES 6 keeps crashing to desktop after I started using it. It happens when I go between menus. Is anyone else having this problem? I downloaded the 2011-12 version in the first post just an hour ago.
  5. F Gotm - March/april - Vote Now!!!

    I'm not sure why I never did this at the time, but thanks to everyone who voted for me and thanks to PESGaming for running this competition back when Konami actually included useful information on replay saves and we could be sure all goals were scored on Top Player difficulty.
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    Top 10 things you want in PES11

    1.) Button shortcut for automatically rewinding replays to the beginning. 2.) Play Again feature brought back for Training mode. 3.) Super Cancel feints to work like they did in last-gen PES. 4.) Long Pass Modes brought back. 5.) Have Difficulty information on replay saves. 6.) Increases the...
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    WC & MLS Option File 2010 - by connoll3 & BolivianFire *NEW*

    I got around it by loading in your Edit Data before creating any of my own. :) I played some games as World Cup teams last night and everything looks great. I did some work on Watson's V4.0 Option File that was released for PES 5 back in September 2006. So I have a decent idea of of how...
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    WC & MLS Option File 2010 - by connoll3 & BolivianFire *NEW*

    Hey guys, this sounds like a fantastic Option File. I plan on picking up the game tonight and giving your OF a try. I've heard there can be issues with trophies not working when you install an Option File. Do you guys have any tips or instructions on how to do it properly? Thanks.
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    Ashkan Hidi's Option File (2009/2010 Season)

    How up to date are the teams and transfers?
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    ISS72's PES6 WINTER 09 OF

    Looking forward to this. :) I've given up on PES 2009 and would really like to get back into playing PES 6 again with an updated OF.
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    Anyone still use the drag back, or V-Feint moves in 09?

    The new methods of doing the dragback and roulette suck.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    It's an Option file, not a patch which is something quite different.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    Make your own file then.
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    [MULTI] Bennetinho & Pategato's PES 6 2008/2009 Option File

    Great job getting this done.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    Hold your breath till he puts out a new file.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    No, no stat changes.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    Don't be such a dick.
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    PES 2009 Option File - PC

    Sorry if it seemed like I was moaning. Now that you have explained why you did it, I understand completely. :) Creating players and fiddling with stats can be a very slippery slope, and I don't blame you for not wanting to go down that road.
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    US PC PES-ers; Assemble!

    No more Quick Matches against red lights, I'm serious this time. Last night I tried it again and the ball was teleporting all over the place and getting stuck in players' legs then bouncing away at random angles.