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  1. cmac4581

    Got Great goals But Need Help

    here are the goals that need converted
  2. cmac4581

    Rabona How to

    Can any1 tell me how to do the rabona on the xbox cversion of pes5
  3. cmac4581

    i need maxdrive software for xbox

    go to the codejunkies website
  4. cmac4581

    Need Help Quick

    Can any1 covert my pes4 (xbox) replays for me i will donate points to whoever does it.
  5. cmac4581

    Goals Help Goals

    Got goals from pes4(xbox) that need converted is any1 up to the job i will give points to whoever does it
  6. cmac4581

    PES5 Skill Moves?

    there are loads of new tricks do u want me to tell u how to do the flip flap and the rabona? Can u tell me how
  7. cmac4581

    PES5 Skill Moves?

    yeah please
  8. cmac4581

    PES5 Skill Moves?

    dont talk crap. contribute something to the discussion
  9. cmac4581

    PES5 Skill Moves?

    Does anyone know of any skills to do in Pes5 For Xbox i only know the stepover and really want to know how to do the ronaldinho move.
  10. cmac4581

    Viewing Xbox Goal replays

    Can any1 give me any idea of how to convert or view my goal replays all of which are xbox. Or is any1 up for converting hem for points
  11. cmac4581

    PES5 OptionFile For XBOX

    thanx man
  12. cmac4581

    PES5 OptionFile For XBOX

    Does anyone know of a optionfile for pes5 xbox i would appreciate it if you let me know
  13. cmac4581

    Points for Conversion

    Is there anyone willing to convert my pro evo 4 goals for points as i am desperate to get them sorted so i can view them. thanx
  14. cmac4581

    Got Great goals But Need Help

    ive got loads of great pes4 and pes 5 goals but cannot convert them if anyone knows how to convert them i would be very gratefull. They are xbox saves.
  15. cmac4581

    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    sorry i was being stupid its obvious thanx
  16. cmac4581

    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    no it doesnt come up a removeable drive but i got it working thanx for helping tho . do you know how to download files from the maxdrive onto ma pc
  17. cmac4581

    Direct Long Shot

    how did u get the file to be visible as when i upload replays they are in some wierd file type
  18. cmac4581

    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    my maxdrive (xbox) is not working so i cant put the optionfile onto ma xbox . the md software does not recognise my maxdrive says the usb device failed to enumerate can someone tell me how to fix this