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    random form online

    Does anyone else miss random form? If so vote below. This wont effect weekly updates or myclub. Its simply to give us the option of random form in online friendly lobbies. I for one hate the fact that you are punished for using mid table teams (always have mixed form) while the elite teams...
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    want random form online?

    If you want the option to choose random form for online matches (online friendlies and/or online divisions) make your voice heard by retweeting this to bhatti and official pes, or just reply saying you want it to. Probably wont make a difference but who knows, especially if many of us tell them...
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    goal of the month april (video)

    Side note, isnt there a thread for posting videos like this? Searched for one but cant find it if it does exist April goal of the month long video this one, will most likely cut it down to the 3-4minute mark in future no matter how many goals are submitting (already cut it down from 43...
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    sick of playing Ronaldo, Ibra and the exploiters??

    If you are looking for some fun competitive games of PES with the added fun of a thriving addictive transfer market? Then look no further. Those of you who enjoy online PES will become addicted to this league. It isn't a standard online league, it includes a transfer market, our very own...
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    goal of the month video

    Proevonetwork goal of the month video, Some nice goals in here.
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    Can you play pes 15 online with edited players?

    You shouldnt be able to but there is a bug where this sometimes occurs. You will see the edited players when the weekly form update isnt working for your team. That happens rarely and its totally random
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    leagues to join As far as i know its been the biggest pes league since pes 5. Its certainly the best (im a member to) and by far the most well run league you will ever be part of.
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    Pro Evo Network - biggest 360/ps3 leagues around

    We may have one vacancy in the ps3 league if anyone is interested in joining?
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    Pro Evo Network - biggest 360/ps3 leagues around

    First of all, PES is much better thanks to this latest patch so go check it out if you had previously given up on the game! If you are looking for some fun competitive games of PES then look no further, PEN is the place to be for all you online players (apart from PC players, sorry guys) who...
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    Did the new patch save this game?

    It has definitely saved the game, its changed big time, Here on PEN (a league im in) everyone is raving about the game (10 page long thread) and these are the same people who hated it previously and only played due to being part of that community...
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    How to defend against L1 + trangle through ball passes on mlo

    I know most people use the method above but for me personally i prefer to play them offside which works well once you have practiced your timing. They are so predictable that you you can play the offside trap and even when they are 5 yards offside they will still try to play the through ball to him
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    Pro Evo Network

    We now have a 72 team league, inside the first week of this preseason there have been over 600 transfers The reason for this update is because we no longer have anyone on the waiting list for the ps3 league, so if you want to join up or have any questions just let me know, once you sign up you...
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    Pro Evo Network

    PEN goal of the month competition for March, an example of the style of play to expect in our league, much better than the usual through ball spamming you see online, if you want to have fun games and not be frustrated by cheats come and join us, this is a League made by pes fans for pes fans...
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    Pro Evo Network

    360 waiting list is now bare. come on in lads if you want a place with over 80 active members to play fair fun pes games
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    Pro Evo Network

    There may be a vacancy in the Xbox league come Monday if one of the new members isnt active by is the time to put your name down on the waiting list if you want a place.
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    Pro Evo Network

    We also have alot of little things included which some of you may enjoy, mainly stats. we have the basic team stats here which is automatically updated after each result is posted A form Graph for each team...
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    Pro Evo Network

    you need to activate your account bud. the activation email was sent to you, it could be in your junk/spam folder. Let me know if you have any trouble with this and i will manually activate your account.
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    Pro Evo Network

    cool, the season will either be kicking off next weeked or the following weekend so you have enough time to look around and see if its sometime you woul be up for. could also play some friendlies with the league members even if you dont fancy joining the actual league. trying to turn it into a...
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    Pro Evo Network

    You may remember the topic i created back in September asking if there was a demand for a PES league so we could play like minded players and avoid the cheats that ruin PES online, well there was and we had a successful trial season as part of a Fifa forum (formerly known as PEN) with 50 active...
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    Why always Real or Barca?

    thats a awful attitude WALK_ON_GR33N (the youre not good enough so just making excuses attitude) the kind of attitude that has almost killed whats left of the PES online community. its not about winning at all costs, its about enjoying the game. i would rather lose an enjoyable game vs the...