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  1. minou3

    How are you doing in Master League?

    abu97, weren't you buying crap players? Lukaku isn't one of them...
  2. minou3

    How are you doing in Master League?

    That's the spirit! Here's my ML 2 cents: I play as TSV 1860 Muenchen. I won promotion to the Bundesliga with the help of my winter recruits. I currently sit comfortably at 4th in the Bundesliga. No chance to catch up the 3rd, but practically no chance either to drop to 5th. TSV 1860...
  3. minou3

    Please Help My FC Shalke 04

    "Schalke04" ;)
  4. minou3

    ml best young players?

    I'd opt for Sturridge. But sincerly, both are young and talented, so it's up to you. Good luck with that.
  5. minou3

    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    cenk tosun or m. alvarez from eintracht frankfurt david hoilett from blackburn gael kakuta from fulham (loanee from chelsea)
  6. minou3

    The next Messi from youth player

    they regenerate on the first half of the first week of last month of the season. Week 1, first half in July, if i'm right...
  7. minou3

    BAL - 'Mode Expansion Kits.'

    Yeah, it has to be an existing player. No created one. As the whole BaL concept goes from creating your player, alongside, now, with playing with already existing players.
  8. minou3

    how many players can i loan out in master league?

    How can you see how many games your loanee plays? Perhaps in teams view?
  9. minou3

    Which youth player to sign? Next C Ronaldo or Robbie Keane

    He cannot sign both. Good pick. Both are excellent players alphonse02, you lucky man :happy:
  10. minou3

    Which youth player to sign? Next C Ronaldo or Robbie Keane

    Both are in two (2) different saves. Therefore, he can't sign both. As Eristic, I'd opt for the striker but it depends on your actual squad. What are you looking for? What might you need the most?
  11. minou3

    BAL - 'Mode Expansion Kits.'

    Actually, when you hire the second worse agent, you get to choose 1 team to scout you. So, you will get maybe +50% chances of getting an offer for let's say, Lazio Roma or Eintracht Frankfurt.
  12. minou3

    Dare I say that in the whole of PES 2011, BAL is the...

    Try this out, and tell us how it feels. :happy:
  13. minou3

    Does the Top Player difficulty level provide enough challenge for you?

    It would definately be the best way to program the Com AI. Making italians teams defend with numbers and hitting you on the break would be, well... realistic? Isn't it that we all seek? :happy:
  14. minou3

    Master League team suggestions!?

    Maybe Hercules Alicante? Pretty good strikers in Trezeguet and Valdez, but both are getting old. So you'll have to work on your squad. Kits are quite nice actually. ;)
  15. minou3

    BAL index cards it adds up to your overall rating. :rolleyes:
  16. minou3

    BAL index cards

    You should cnsider the position you play in. The favoured position. Else, you would get too much skill cards.
  17. minou3

    Perfect Season Trophy WTF?!

    For your information, Lille isn't a poor team in french football.
  18. minou3

    How are you doing in Master League?

    I'm playing superstar difficulty as top player was way too easy, even with a second division team. I play as FC Tours in French League. I manage to qualify for Europe almost every year. My best player is Toski with 78. I also have Giroud on 77. I have signed some young lads from my youth team...
  19. minou3

    looking for a CF and AMF(specifiec detail)

    Alvaro Negredo for striker? And for your faces... it depends what patch you are using... I would say buy Neymar from Santos FC but if you do not have the same patch as I do, then buy Negredo? I think he's got a default real face, nah? For AMF, VDV is better than Silva in my opinion...
  20. minou3

    Jake's BAL Story

    I think he won't... last edited the 25-01-2010...