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    Gudjhohnson's self presented volley

    EXCELLENT!! It is rare to score that kind of goal, very well done!
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    WHAT A SHOT, but no goal

    Wow, amazing volley there, pity it didn't go in...
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    It Was In!!

    I think it was in, look at this enlargement : it seems that the ball is 100% inside the goal :
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    What a bug!!!!!

    Thx guys! At least you believe me not like the pesfan people...they say I photoshopped it, but I didn't. Btw maybe I have an explanation for this : After a shot on goal which went wide, the ball may have bounced from the fans to the back of the net, and it went in from understand...
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    What a bug!!!!!

    I was playing a random match with my brother today (Venezuela - Morocco) in PES5 on the ps2, and by some bug I got suddenly a score of 850 - 0 in the 2nd extra time!! Note that we didn't score a single goal during the match, so it can't be the goal glitch as is PES4. Here's a picture I took...
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    Xander Goal Compilation #1

    Nice compil you got there Xander! I must say the realization is quite good, not to mention the goals:) I liked the Carlos FK the best! Keep ut the good work mate!
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    Reyes nice dribbling and great shoot.. [PES 5]

    Excellent qoal there, really remarkable! The way he fooled the defenders was exceptional! Very good quality, too...was it the ps2 version?
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    The BEST of the PES

    Some amazing goals there! I espacially liked the freekicks and the stupid keeper mistakes...what difficulty were you playing on? Those misses were payed for:)lol:) It's a shame that it isn't better quality though...
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    PES4_The_final by Lesliect6

    Thank you! :) All is on 6* except for one on 3*! Which keeping looks like 1*? The quality is really good of the original clips, but when made into a compilation, the quality gets a bit lower...well, I'll improve it for my next compil'! Leslie CT
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    PES4_The_final by Lesliect6

    I don't want to triple-post here, but I'd really like yuo to review my compilation!
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    Convert PS2 x-port saves to PC?

    As far as I know, you can't. Only PES can run the replay files... I suggest buying a TV card, or you could simply use a digital camera...but don't count on quality there.
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    PES4_The_final by Lesliect6

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    Guide on capturing videos

    Thank you! I am really happy to be able to capture videos at last...In fact I made my PES4 compilation the moment I got my tv card:) it's in the compil' section! As for ATI based video cards, it seems all Radeon type supports ViVo : and...
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    Guide on capturing videos

    At last I have managed to capture my PES videos and make a movie out of it! I thought I might put a guide here to those who had the same problems as do you actually capture video? What do you need? All right. Let's start at the beginning : to capture video you'll need a card which...
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    PES4_The_final by Lesliect6

    This is my best PES4 compilation, all my best goals, tricks, volleys, etc... everything scored on 6*, except 1 shot on 3*. It lasts for 5 minutes (17 Mb). Check it out! Post...
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    PES 5 Ronaldo Elastico Goal

    Wow, a fabulous goal! Great job there, mate!
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    PES 4 Last Goal Compilations... waiting for PES 5

    Very nice...:) But tell me, how do you cross the ball so low, in mid-air? With double O the ball's still very high...
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    PES4 by Cornholio

    Wow some really nice goals there:) I liked the free kicks best, and the volleys!
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    Is this legal?

    Thank you guys!!