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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    oaksey Brutedjo01 Ragingbull8161 AceCape31414473 Speed77Akatsuki Ito Xbox Spider gazzasrip9 I have reported all these people and Konami have done nothing. Some of them practically admitted cheating to me and still nothing
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    What a dissapointment

    I am a pes loyalist, back to the ISS Pro days (not even played fifa since the start of pes). The worst thing about this game is the lag cheats. My internet isn't the best but its good enough. I've played people in different countries and the game has been fine and then i've played someone in the...
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    New year same issues

    It's a joke, and they wonder why sales are down
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    AlisterAA's Full Team, League and Cup and Kit Info PS4/XBOXONE/PS3/XBOX360

    yeah mate i know, just asking the question thats all
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    Kits for Xbox one and 360??

    Hi ad_cfc11 i've used your BPL kits, great work. will you be doing any others? like the championship?
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    Champions League Stars Agent

    I got Verrati and John Terry
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    Crashing after a game????

    Anyone else having this problem??? After i've finished a game, no matter wot the result, my game crashes just before it gets to the screen where it tells u wot points u've gained.
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    My rant on the official facebook page after a solid day of playing

    so if the game isn't finished, then wot happens for the people who r not online and can't download the patches???
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    [STATS] Stats Request Thread

    any stats for Mason Bennett - Derby County?
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    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    Are you on later?
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    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (i take requests)

    I don't want to be cheeky but I need a lot of the championship players, so could you do Lee Peltier and/or Paul Konchesky - Leicester City
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    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (i take requests)

    can i just request or do you need pics??
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    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    I may I suggest Ben Marshall or Wes Morgan from Leicester City ;)
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    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    can i suggest that you do some players in the english championship?
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    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (i take requests)

    I would like them all to be honest, but I didn't want to be cheeky so any that you can do would be great
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    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (i take requests)

    Could you do any Barnsley players. Sorry no pics
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    [LEAGUE] The Npower Championship Creation Thread Part 2

    None of the stats i've used are actually mine, just a big thanks to everyone who as made them. Much appreciated