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    Bundesliga 2

    Is anyone aware of a second division for the Bundesliga being created anywhere?
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    Other european teams..!O6wj2Q7S!2N45ndhQx-Z8vfRNAn43Ig
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    Universe PES second version and shit

    Legend and shit. :D
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    Other European teams.

    Red star Belgrade> SERIGNALUCA
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    Other European teams.

    Cheers for the link. RB Salzburg > MARGUAPARRENA.
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    Message from PES Development Team

    How about don't sell the game until it's ready, that work for you?
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    Message from PES Development Team

    Changes "by the end of October" Jesus suffering christ on a bike. :rolleyes:
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    Getting Sacked in Master League

    what did you do in season 1 the second time round to get sacked? and do you still get the option to join another team after being sacked like last years game?
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    Computer always scoring from free kick near to plenty Area

    This is a problem in the game, i have given away 5 or 6 fouls 20/25 yards from goal and every single one has flew straight into the top corner, you'd expect maybe 2 or 3 going in but not every free kick just silly.
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    Other European teams.

    Great to hear, thanks :)
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    Other European teams.

    Anybody aware of any option files for the other European teams that are left over after the Bundesliga is added.
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    Masterleague questions

    I would recommend moving the level down to Top Player, the game feels more balanced on that level i think. Keep it on challenge mode that's more to do with your targets for the season and stuff and doesn't actually effect your matches. :)
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    What causes you to be fired in ML Challenge?

    I got Parma promoted to Serie A, my goals for the season were to finish in the top 9. (surely avoid being relegated would have been fair :unsure:) i finished 14th and was immediately fired. I'm not even bitter about it honest. :realmad:
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    Pre Season

    Nope mate i've played 2 seasons no sign of it :no:
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    Pre Season

    Well someone forgot to add it lol :ohmy:
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    Pre Season

    Am not actually sure if he said it himself to be honest, i did see someone on here say it was possible to play a pre season tournament tho. :unsure:
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    Pre Season

    I've played two seasons in ML (challenge mode) no sign of a pre season tournament :erm: you can only edit squad numbers during a transfer window :rolleyes:
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    Deleting all my edited data

    Go to application saved data management on your PS4 (if that's what u use) and just delete the edit data saved file, you'll need to do your live updates again tho an then apply an option file :)
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    [PS4] Ketchup Gamers (CSL and Brasileirão)

    Quality work, thanks for this mate.
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    Bundesliga 2?

    Does anyone know if their are plans for a Bundesliga 2 OF this year? i know we had it last year so far not seen anything for this years one though.