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    Kits not available - offline multiplayer

    Hi Guy’s, In 2017 we had an workaround for playing offline with the kits. This year it doesn’t seems to work when you connect the controller. Does someone know how we can use the kits offline when you play multiplayer offline? Thanks
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Thanks for sharing! Yesterday I played with Manchester United versus Manchester City! Do you do also classic kits?
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    I have installed 2.0 but from where i can download 2.5? Or instead can i download 3.0?
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    Fake National teams?

    Hi All, I see that national teams like Japan and South Korea are also fake this time.. Will there be a DLC update for?
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    PES2015 Managers Images

    Yes that is true, but come on dude its 2014 every year we have few stadiums only. 14 stadiums!!!!!
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    PES2015 Managers Images

    Fuck PES15 Fuck whole konami every year same story ,fucking stadiums only 14, they can also put Eredivisie French stadium in the game.
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    PES2015 Managers Images

    How to import on PS4 ?
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    Anyone with questions about PES 2015?

    Very bad! How bad is it that we have only 14 stadiums ? and we paid there 59,99 for ?;)
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    Import savedata ? [PS4]

    Is it possible to import Savedata like on the PS3 ? I see that it is possible to edit teams create teams, a lot of members are creating teams and editing players but can whe also download the faces ? I know that it is possible to import teams, but i see a lot of fake players, have we do...
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    PES2015 must be the game!!

    I still love PES I have it every year, and I have also 2014 but the game is focktup on the PS3, so I have fifa14 on the ps4 to make my time full at the moment... But I hope that PES2015 will come be back and bigger!! What do you hope to see in PES2015 ? I hope: Normal Base Copy...
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    With Fifa 14 already on PS4/XboxOne PES will never catch up..

    I have played PES for the last 15/16 years always. I had order the PS4 in May/Juny so i had my console 29, November in Holland. First I thought that PES14 will also comes to the PS4, but it wasn't. So I order the PS3 version also to play PES like every year. The first time when i played it was...
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    can't download dlc 2.0

    I get a message that i can download the new dlc, but when im try to download its doing nothing ? Only it says communication bringing to stand...
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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    when comes the update ?
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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    Somebody knows when 1.2 comes ?
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    DLC Update?

    Damnn thats very late! I thought around mid october
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    DLC Update?

    Somebody knows when the DLC Update comes, with transfers bugs etc ? And can whe then also base copy players ?
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    I have the ps3 version, also their isnt a option to base copy players like the previous edition.. I really love PES..
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    I will wait for the PS4, Mate please be true. -Stadiums 19 stadiums only! -No Stadium Creator -License(Not so a big problem) -Laggy -The most faces are bad. -
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    Hi guys, I live in Holland, And I play PES almost for 15 years, when it was ISS. I have the whole collection of PES. All of my friends are playing FIFA but I play PES because every year I believe in it, but I know that every year the game is going to be worse. Some players in PES dont even...
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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    It seems that PES is going slowly for slowly dead..