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  1. Sminky

    Just Checking In

    Being a bellend mostly. Long story. 2010-2012 was a bit of a weird moment in my life.
  2. Sminky

    Just Checking In

    Well! Hasn't it changed around here! Love the new look but faithful to the original site. Just realised I signed up a decade ago - but spent about half of that banned hahaha. Any of the original lot still posting around here? I see @Joel is still active, what's new geezer?
  3. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    Just popped in again to see how things are. I can’t believe how dead it is outside of the PES sections :(
  4. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    Certainly. I'll dust off the laptop this week and type it up. It's quite the tale.
  5. Sminky

    What are you currently playing?

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Finally made the transition from Killzone to COD, enjoying it. But took a while. Still miss the classes from Killzone that encouraged collaborative game play but no doubting COD is meant to be faster paced than that.
  6. Sminky

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    I've never been awarded a penalty on Superstar outside of coach mode. The AI was awful on 2017 and I really didn't enjoy how complex they made dribbling, I trust they've adjusted this.
  7. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    My marriage? That only last 11 months. Never experienced stress like it before and hope never to again. My trips to Norway and Serbia were to see some friends, both produce music and both I became friends with through social media. I appreciate it sounds like they 'groomed' me but I can...
  8. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    Thank you buddy, I was a serial spammer here from 2010-12 and a bit of a plank, but it's amazing what a series of life decisions leading to good learning, and coupled with experiences that challenge you can do for you. As for my stories, I don't know about cool, verbose certainly but I'd be...
  9. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    Gladly. Took a 14 hour flight to Singapore, 2200 GMT+1 and barely drank anything the entire journey. Spent 6 hours there waiting for a connecting flight without being able to sleep. Flew to Sydney from Singapore and arrived 8 hours later after the worst turbulence I've ever experienced. A fear...
  10. Sminky

    5 Years on ...

    It's been an eventful (nearly) 5 years in my time away from here, how best to summarize? 3 relationships 2 miscarriages 1 (failed) marriage 1 abortion (not my choice) 2 job changes 8 visits to the United States (married in Los Angeles on the cheap) 1 visit to Australia (nearly...
  11. Sminky

    Just passing through

    Apparently I have 4825 new posts to go through :shocking: This is quite a surreal feeling too. Was it really 2010 I joined and did I really spam this place to the tune of 12,479 posts in just over two years??
  12. Sminky

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Top stuff :thumbsup:
  13. Sminky

    Anyone worried about PES14 already?

    What camera do you use bud? I took to using the Blimp Camera, whilst I like using the closer camera's for dribbling I found it is easier to play long ball to the wings more effectively on the Blimp setting. I'm still struggling a little with crossing from wide areas, the Goalkeepers are...
  14. Sminky

    Bah hum bug!

    Bah hum bug!
  15. Sminky

    What Is The Best Xbox 360 Option File??

    You don't need to pay £5.00 to OPE for that option file gents. That particular file appears to be a joint venture between Daymos & OPE, which you can download on this very website (below)
  16. Sminky

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?
  17. Sminky

    Hitman: Absolution

    I don't really think there was any doubt this game would be good, I think perhaps the marketing and chatter surrounding it caused misinformation to be spread about it. Wrongly so. I can happily eat my words and say that its incredibly enjoyable and faithful to the originals.
  18. Sminky

    Game Of The Year 2012

    Is FC3 even out yet?
  19. Sminky

    Hitman: Absolution

    You've reminded me to check out HitGod47 on Youtube, the guy is a bit of a legend.
  20. Sminky

    Hitman: Absolution

    Whilst its not as pure as the originals, what it introduces do not detract from its gameplay. All in all It's a worthy addition to the collection. I'm loving it.