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  1. Sagdiyev

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Been watching a few Machinima videos recently, some great players over there. You can also pick up some great tips to improving your game. Have yet to buy the Map Pack mind, £11!? Pretty steep.
  2. Sagdiyev

    Virtual Pro Accomplishments List

    The VP Accomplishments are a pisstake. The ammout of assists I have got with my pro, and they don't register. They need to get that problem sorted, my keeper is currently on 32 assists. At the moment I'm on an overall of 80 on the wing but when I shove him upfront he is an animal, he's like...
  3. Sagdiyev

    Online play is a disgrace (RANT)

    I honestly believe it is much more realistic than any other footballing game avaliable. I can understand the frustration at being second everytime against the stronger players but to be fair this is quite realistic. You just need to find the space and expolit it, think like a footballer...
  4. Sagdiyev

    Premier League Shirts

    There's lot's of OF's on the site. There's also a tutorial for transfering Option Files to the PS3. I hope you find what you want.
  5. Sagdiyev


    Good advice. Basically as Hunter said, Sit back and wait. The Attacker will try and skin you each time you try and rush out and tackle him so you will have to be patient. It may be slightly boring but once you get used to it, you will find this technique much more effective in the long run.
  6. Sagdiyev

    Young Fast Wingers

    Nani. Walcott - After about 4-5 seasons he becomes one of the best wingers/strikers. Mitea. Just to state the obvious.
  7. Sagdiyev

    Any good suggestions of buying a CMF

    Van Bommel. May be old but is a really smooth passer of the ball. I signed him at the end of my first season, just after getting promoted. Emanuelson is also a good bet, really nice ball control and passing.
  8. Sagdiyev

    Football Manager 2008 [PC/Mac]

    I'm not really sure. Maybe just Uninstall the game then Install it again. If you want to keep your save game and graphics. Just put them all onto a USB stick and once you have reinstalled the game, just insert them into thier designated folders.
  9. Sagdiyev

    Fifa 2008

    FIFA has stunned me this year, I found a gift for my birthday was FIFA 08 for my PS3 I recently got. I sighed but I thought I have to play it as it was a gift. When I played it, I found it has improved so much on it's gameplay, passing was better, player movement was better and most of all...
  10. Sagdiyev

    Favorite track in PES2008?

    I like "Champion Of The World". It gets quite catchy after a while.
  11. Sagdiyev

    Playstation 3

    I'm looking forward to getting the Playstation 3. I should be getting it in August when i go into America. Cheaper over there. NBA 2007 looks brilliant.
  12. Sagdiyev

    The 'FM07 Stats converted to PES6 Stats' Thread *ALL REQUESTS HERE*

    Can I have Fabregas of Arsenal please Barry III?
  13. Sagdiyev

    My Apearence Thread (Ultimate Editing Thread)

    Sorry about not doing these appeareces, my computer has beeb buggering up and hasn't let me on this site long enough to post up any, I'll post a few up later though. My apoliges.
  14. Sagdiyev

    My Apearence Thread (Ultimate Editing Thread)

    Well in this thread I will be making some appearences. I will be taking requests, so start requesting. INDEX: Empty :(
  15. Sagdiyev

    Slotting It Past The Keeper 1 On 1 (Henry Style)

    I scored 5 slotted goals with Henry, in 2 games. He is incredibly realistic on this version of PES in my opinion.
  16. Sagdiyev

    Football Manager 2007 [PC]

    It's not you, it's the team. Got FM07 yesterday. It's brilliant, I find it quite addictive too. Started a league with Arsenal. Tried to sign Villaluz & Jonas but their Work Permit Application's where turned down. I only made 1 signing, Billy Jones. But he isn't going to play that much during...
  17. Sagdiyev

    Fahrenheit - aka Indigo Prophecy

    I found this game brillaint. Not many people have heard of it either. I got it when it first came out (which was about a year ago) and I found it brilliant. Well worth the money I paid for it (£25). Now it will be much cheaper. It was pretty short though. But it was so exciting. Possibly the...
  18. Sagdiyev

    Football Manager 2006

    There's plenty but only 2 that I can think of off the top of my head.
  19. Sagdiyev

    Hi there.

  20. Sagdiyev