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  1. depone4pro

    Is this video the first look at PES 2008!?

    lol.... werent trying to get everyone overhyped... just got a bit crazy in the head with optimism as us fulham fans do.
  2. depone4pro

    Is this video the first look at PES 2008!?

    Just found this video on youtube and it has like 5 seconds of video on it that it says is PES2008... Looks really different to current PS2 version but not sure wether it is 360 version... have a look its nearer the end!
  3. depone4pro

    PS3 Release date set

    Do we know when we can expect Pro out on the PS3??????!
  4. depone4pro

    kepa blanco stats please

    The Kepa Blanco stats are pretty accurate apart from i would change his agression to about 85 and his heading to 82 with jump at 80. The rest is accurate.
  5. depone4pro

    [ALL] Milanista's Option File V2

    mate if you find little things like that then tell milanista! Cause it will help him out a lot! With the 2 diawarras he know can get rid of one and create a new player that he may have previously had no space for! Every little helps! BTW not having a go. Cheers!
  6. depone4pro

    [ALL] Milanista's Option File V2

    Milanista he came through the youth ranks. Here is some of his info which you may find really difficult to get hold of as it took me about a week to find this stuff. Omozusi Age: 17 Foot: Right Nationality: English Positions: SB*, CB, WB (Both sides) Physique Height: 177 Weight...
  7. depone4pro

    [ALL] Milanista's Option File V2

    Loving your workl here milanista. Just wondering... could you poss tell me if you will add Elliot Omozusi who plays for Fulham. And will you be releasing one after the jan transfer window?
  8. depone4pro

    Barry III Stats Request Thread

    Gabriel Zakuani - Fulham Bjorn Runstrom - Fulham Wayne Routledge - Spurs Ashley Young - Watford David Nugent - Not in game but would be nice to have. Cheers in advance
  9. depone4pro

    Complete player editing

    yes i will take that bet....
  10. depone4pro

    PESFan Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Option File V1

    Nice work tricky a co. But aint got the game yet and my ps2 wont read my max drive cd... anyone got any suggestions on how to make this work??... the cd is not damaged as it reads on my mates ps2 and his is way older than mine.
  11. depone4pro

    PES 6 Out 2mora - Woolworths UK *Read*

    Yeah This Happened Last Year! I Regretted Last Year And Am Regretting It Again.... All These Fucking Stores Doing It Early! You Do Know That In Some Stores If You Take Back A Good Condition Pro 5 They Will Let You Have Pro 6 For £20!
  12. depone4pro Orders Being Processed!

    we will have it tomorrow
  13. depone4pro Orders Being Processed!

    Yeah mine too. Says it was posted on the 23/10/06 so thats brilliant! Will be getting mine tomorrow then! COMEON! :w00t :D :laugh:
  14. depone4pro Orders Being Processed!

    Basically the ppl who order it now or have done in the last 2 weeks will get it on Friday... I myself ordered it 4 months ago when it first came up so i should be recieving it on wednesday, thursday. It will say processing for all orders but play work on a first come, first served basis so it...
  15. depone4pro

    For all future PES6 Option File makers....

    Fantatsic idea blue... will just help out those making the PES6 option file easier.. espescially as the first one that will be released on PESFAN wont have the EPL on cause of the the stupid F.A.! But sure you lot all knew that anyways. So a full one will be released off here first im sure. NICE...
  16. depone4pro

    [ALL] PES5 Pategato Goalgerd Update V1

    goalgerd mate... does this mean you will be releasing for PES6 on the PS2? excuse the possible ignorance.
  17. depone4pro

    Graphical Comparisons for PES6 (Xbox 360 v PS2)

    I would be willing to put a hefty bet on that... 100% Guarantee that the PS3 graphics will be NOTICEABLY better than the 360s.
  18. depone4pro

    PES6 for the 360

    Yeah it will be but not till this time next year but what your forgetting mate is that the PS3 will be region free... meaning that we can order over the new winning eleven 11 which will be next gen so we can play that. But i heard it aint gonna be called winning eleven 11.. more like Winning...
  19. depone4pro

    PES6 for the 360

    I can guarantee you that there will be some huge problem with logging on due to so many ppl playing or just huge lag boys! there always is when you got new games like that going on new consoles! Trust wait for the PS3 because there will be.... a) More Licences b) More Improvements On...
  20. depone4pro

    Graphical Comparisons for PES6 (Xbox 360 v PS2)

    Yeah bit of a mix up there... cant wait till the PS3 graphics when it does come out they will be immense! twice as good as those 360 graphics!