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  1. S-D-P

    How to deal with the AI on superstar

    Techboy I really do see what your saying and I agree in parts, but I feel i can defend in different ways and not be forced to play to suit the game. I used to think the AI was unrealistic but not anymore(has its moments), up until a few weeks ago I thought the AI was ridiculous on SS difficulty...
  2. S-D-P

    How to deal with the AI on superstar

    This isn't patronising thread where I'm telling people how to play the game, however I was really struggling on SS until a few weeks ago, the post below is some advice from an evo web member which coupled with my own findings has helped me massively. I play on -2, 0 pass assist 15 minute matches...
  3. S-D-P

    J-League DLC?

    Would love J-league in pes, would be great to have the option to buy J league players in ML as well.
  4. S-D-P

    Throwing this one out there - but I think PES 2011 is better than 2012!

    @ironcity good point with regards to build up play although disagree to some extent with your cpu comments, some stuff iv'e noticed recently for anyone's interest. I was getting frustrated with the AI on superstar but not so now(although it has its moments if I lose its usually down to me or...
  5. S-D-P

    some info about pes

    To lead on from techboy's post may cover what he has already said but here's some tips... As far as assistance goes I recommend turning off shot and pass assist, if set to on the cpu will attempt passes and shots for you. When getting used to the game set tackle assist to normal, AI can be...
  6. S-D-P

    Throwing this one out there - but I think PES 2011 is better than 2012!

    I honestly thing dribbling is sublime, the variation you can achieve by subtle use of close control is great. Love the shooting to, just find it frustrating on superstar when the AI blocks almost everything and you have to be really firm when picking your direction.
  7. S-D-P

    Define: Scripting

    Oh mate don't get me started on clearances, one ball forward to their target man and your in trouble, far too perfect and not realistic. Goal-kicks have needed a power bar since pes 5. I am getting more success on superstar against the AI, not always selecting the player closest to the AI...
  8. S-D-P

    Define: Scripting

    I would describe scripting or "balancing acts" as I like to call it as... - Cursor change not working properly, that split second can make all the difference and the game knows this - Every deflection falling to the AI. - Defenders moving inexplicably out of position regardless of stats...
  9. S-D-P

    Throwing this one out there - but I think PES 2011 is better than 2012!

    I think pes 2011 was an underrated game I was honestly hooked to master league at times playing the AI felt more organic than pes 2012. Overall I do slightly prefer pes 2012 as it feels more complete than pes 2011, that said I put an immense amount of hours into pes 2011. Things I preferred...
  10. S-D-P

    First time player - need tips

    -For shooting press the direction firmly AFTER you have powered up the shot, positioning is everything as is distance from the ball. -Time standing tackles by positioning your defender with the analog, move your player towards the ball with the analog when timed correctly he should attempt a...
  11. S-D-P

    Most balanced difficulty

    I play -1 speed, 0 pass assist superstar difficulty ml offline for the most part. Although I love aspects of pes 2012 and how it forces me to use my football brain I despise the unbalanced nature of the AI on superstar. I have a decent record but the games are not that realistic. Team...
  12. S-D-P

    The Computer cheats- official

    Konami need to tone down the scripting in offline master league, anyone who has played the game on superstar difficulty for a length of time will probably agree. Love the challenge this game provides and I'll be playing for the next 10 months, however some of the scripting and balancing acts are...
  13. S-D-P

    An advice from a person who once was a PES addict

    Full manual play was fantastic on fifa 2008 and 2009, from this point although a solid football title fifa started to get stale and as a predominantly offline player I turned back to PES. I have a lot of respect for Gary Paterson(fifa creative producer) as he introduced manual passing onto the...
  14. S-D-P


    I'm addicted to football, therefore addicted to PES.
  15. S-D-P

    whats the best pes

    Couldn't agree more, still perfecting my standing tackle which I had nailed in pes 2011 but having to relearn at the moment, has to be timed perfectly. Positioning is more crucial than ever, using super cancel to block passing lanes is something else I'm trying to perfect.
  16. S-D-P

    Player Stats questions

    Google pes stat database, there are some great explanations on what different stats mean and how they are linked to other stats. Try this link and go to "attributes analysed and explained". Some stat names have changed but you will get some great info.
  17. S-D-P

    whats the best pes

    1. PES 2012 2. PES 2011 3. PES 5 (Although for its time much more impressive than 2011 and 12 4. PES 4 5. PES 3 6. PES 6 7. PES 2 8. ISS PRO EVO 2 9. PES 10. ISS PRO EVO
  18. S-D-P

    Pro Evo 2012 vs FIFA 12

    [/B] I actually agree with you here, nothing wrong with criticism(I love the game but it induces pes rage due to some idiotic flaws) but some people on this forum just can't seem to accept their are people who enjoy and see the good aspects of pes 2012.
  19. S-D-P

    Patch 1.2 first impressions

    I preferred version 1.00 to version 1.01, but very happy overall with the new patch, i think this patch offers a good balance between version 1.00 and 1.01. - Long passing has a bit more variation, I feel long passing was better on pes 2011 but thankfully the patch has improved this area for...
  20. S-D-P

    A good example of tactics

    PES 2012 has increased my obsession for tactics, offline master league has me hooked have to say. The AI on superstar is good at finding holes in your tactics which makes your settings all the more important, of course you get the odd time where no matter what you do the game says fuck you;)...