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  1. Estill

    do u play pre-season matches in ml?

    I usually do two pre-season matches on slot 4 and slot 8. Primarily I do this just to check out tactics and new line-ups, integrating new signings accordingly.
  2. Estill

    Best Commentary Line by Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking?

    When they say "It was a venomous volley with his left foot" when it was a simple tap in with the right.... :unsure: Eh?
  3. Estill

    John Hartson's replacement

    Cheap young ideas (in order of potential talent): -Farfan (PSV) -Ryan Babel (Ajax) -Yakubu (Middlesboro) Ready made replacements (in order of quality): -Fernando Torres -Cisse -Makaay (tad old) -Mwawaruri Benjani (trust me)
  4. Estill

    Check This Out: Perfect Mercurial Vapour Boots

    This has been known about for probably half a year now. You made me click my mouse for nothing you invalid.
  5. Estill

    have u eva gone a extreme season unbeaten? is it possible? did the computer screw u?

    Oh yes sir, you are referring to Mathieu. What a legend this geezer is, he plays for Toulouse and is a really cheap yet quality young left back with height and power to his advantage. My team, using almost the same formation as Classic Netherlands "Total Football", looks like this...(in 2011)...
  6. Estill

    have u eva gone a extreme season unbeaten? is it possible? did the computer screw u?

    Is this 6*? If so I've had two consecutive Played 30 Won 30 seasons and now I'm at Played 14 Won 14. This is with Monaco and I've built the team up from an ordinary French team to 5 time consecutive treble winners. Very enjoyable challenge but now I've just got the perfect players for each...
  7. Estill

    I don't think anyone's posted this yet...

    That is awesome. I just sat there in disbelief as that black penguin slid the ball home comfortably in front of 100,000 at the Nou Camp.
  8. Estill

    New Nike AZT IV Supremecy boots

    I've seen Rio and Rooney wearing them. These were the boots Roo had on when he did his metatarsal and they said they werent strong enough etc.
  9. Estill

    The Master League Thread

    Just played the greatest, and I mean greatest, WEFA Champions League final I have ever, and I mean ever, had. The story goes like this... I'm AS Monaco and I was scheduled to play Barca in the Champs League final, although both of us snuck through in the semi's, Barca on away goals against...
  10. Estill

    It's a goal - Online Football Management game

    Why do I get this message when I try to make an offer for a player? "We feel that you need to play a few more games before we will allow you to put players up for transfer. Come back when you have played a few more matches" Also, I have 7.0m, not 4.6, just thought I'd clear that up...
  11. Estill

    It's a goal - Online Football Management game

    Off to look for some transfers too with my 4.6m kitty :D :tongue:
  12. Estill

    FM06- Insight FC

    Here's my updated list from the spreadsheet, these equal 500 exactly... Corners 11 Crossing 11 Dribbling 11 Finishing 8 First Touch 18 Free Kicks 8 Heading 19 Long Shots 11 Long Throws 16 Marking 18 Passing 17 Penalty Taking 7 Tackling 19 Technique 18 Aggression 14 Anticipation...
  13. Estill

    FM06- Insight FC

    DETAILS first name:Sam last name:Estill common name*:Estill Date of birth:29.06.1988 place of birth:Bury, Lancashire nationality:English spoken languages: english 10, Spanish 6 squad number*:5 ATTRIBUTES mental (ranged between 1 and 20) adaptability: 16 ambition: 13...
  14. Estill

    Smackdown v Raw 2006 Sim League!!

    That Raw card looks good Rafa. Following the split of The Union, HBK and Y2J have formed an alliance and now look set to take over the tag team world. :ninja:
  15. Estill

    It's a goal - Online Football Management game

    Just checked my recent results: Match 1 (home): Won 2-1 Match 2 (away): Drew 1-1 Match 3 (away): Drew 1-1 Match 4 (home): Won 3-0 Getting the hang of this thing now, but I've noticed that being at home seems to be important. Won every game at home so far on It's A Goal, that's 3 wins...
  16. Estill

    Your best eleven

    I've got Nasri for Monaco. He's definitely going to be a class player, I'm in my third season and he's not quite a first team regular but I use him as often as I can to build his stats up. I play a rotation system so my two teams are: GK: Landreau DR: vanden Borre DC: Kompany DC...
  17. Estill

    FM06- Insight FC

    I'll be a Centre Back please, muchos gracias. Name: Sam Estill Position: CB*, LB (*=preferred position) Foot: Left Number: 5
  18. Estill

    Smackdown v Raw 2006 Sim League!!

    Raw Handicap Match E & C V Flair Open Challenge TLC Match Jeff Hardy V ??? WWE Title Shawn Michaels (C) V Rock
  19. Estill

    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    That is a top, top appearance mate. Well done.
  20. Estill

    Smackdown v Raw 2006 Sim League!!

    Haha seems I was a tad slow on that one :happy: Y2J: Ok, so now after hearing about Lashley's incident with "Lame and the Big Slow", I'm speaking to the main man to make a triple-threat tag team match for the WWE Tag Team titles (if that's possible, I think it is :erm: ), at the next...