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    skills and tips for ps2 version

    ah cheers mate.didnt quite get what buttons you have to press to do the carlos tevez trick thanks anyway
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    skills and tips for ps2 version

    can someone give me a guide on how to do skills tricks and tips for pes2010 for the ps2 version please? cant find any on the net itself.thanks
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    ps2 version sound on lcd tv

    i bought my lcd tv and am playin the ps2 version on my lcd tv but the sound of the game sounds as though the bass on the actual tv needs turnin up a bit because the sound is to echo any idea how i do this? thanks in advance
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    ott/ps2 on lcd tv

    im thinkin about gettin a lcd tv.i would be usin my ps2 on it but what i wanted to know is that what would the picture quality be like as lcd tvs are more ideal for ps3s and xbox 360? thanks
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    ps2 version problems

    i load up the game it starts fine. i then start a playin a game but as soon as the ball goes out for corner,goal kick,free kick or a foul is givin a black screen just appears all the time and the game wont work what could be the problem?
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    memory stick problems

    tried that and it comes up saying no memory stick inserted
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    memory stick problems

    yes mate it shows up fine on pc
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    memory stick problems

    surley someone must have an idea why im having this problem please help. thanks
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    memory stick problems

    ive downloaded the best option file from pes master onto my memory stick then i go to copy it onto my ps3 but when i do this a messaage appears usb memory stick not accssed why is this happening?thanks
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    ps3 editing faces

    yes please.that sounds will you send the option file to me though and how will i download it can i download it onto a memory stick? thanks
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    ps3 editing faces

    no i havent created any players yet. why?
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    lcd tv and ps3 scart lead

    i have a lg lcd hd ready ive plugged my ps3 into it using a hdmi lead but i want to play pes 2009 the ps2 version on my ps3 console.the picture didnt turn out very clear whn i put the ps2 disc in why playin it on the hdmi lead so i put in the normal scart lead of the ps3 that plugs in...
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    ps3 editing faces

    how can i upload the faces of stevenage borough fc? and im overwriting a spanish side cant remember which one though mate.
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    ps3 editing faces

    im tryin to make a stevenage borough fc on the ps3 version and tryin to edit all the proper players for the club but when i select the faces its the same face for every player you cant seem to have a choice off all different types of faces like you can do on the ps2 version is there any way...
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    strengthen points on become a legend (ps3)

    i dotn seem to have any points to strengthen my strenght how do i get points so i can become a better player?
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    master league division help

    i want to do a master league with my championship update but i dont get enough english teams selected all my championship teams are under league b but in the master leage it only goes as far as league a so there aint enough english teams to select from what can i do
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    Master League Championship Teams

    why not get one off ebay?
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    update badges help

    ive got a championship update for the ps3 and wolves and swansea dont have their offical badges.the badges are on the memory stick and i copy them over then go on the game then edit then select wolves to get there badge loaded on then try swanseas but they wont load onto my game for some...
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    2 different versions of pes 2009

    i wa stold by email that there is 2 types off pes 2009 for the ps3. 1.the game that came out in the shops. 2.the game that game out in the shops with an update. how do i know what version i have? thanks