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  1. Doogle999

    What console r u gettin PES5 on?

    PSP and PS2 for me 2x the fun and on the move
  2. Doogle999

    PES5 - Quick Questions Thread.

    i think so anyway
  3. Doogle999

    What would u change!!!

    refs they are rubbish
  4. Doogle999

    Converting people from fifa to pes

    ye 7 of ma m8s this year have changed to pes5 SKILLZ
  5. Doogle999

    PES5 from

    im gettin mine on Thursday coz im goin on ma holz n da guy said i cud ave it early EASY EASY EASY
  6. Doogle999

    Updated release date! ! !

    ye half of dem in gamestation chorley have da psp version
  7. Doogle999

    European/World All Star Teams

    gud stuff people
  8. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

    Celtic arent in it (yes i beat w1nky!!)
  9. Doogle999

    PES5 Impressions thread

    ye but turn the curser speed up anywayz
  10. Doogle999

    Why can't pes be the same as WE?

    coz it is PAL
  11. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

  12. Doogle999

    Pro Evo 5 Diarys

    i'll post my very first match CITY vs. Man United (Munichs)
  13. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

    i no but it woz weird
  14. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

    no probs
  15. Doogle999

    pes5 released sooner?

    ye 9 days only bring it on
  16. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

    w1nky that was well weird
  17. Doogle999

    Am I the only one

    OPSM2 november edition its says in massive writin PES5 DEMO!
  18. Doogle999

    Player appearances you are disappointed with

    holland players in the national team but they r mint in their club teams tho
  19. Doogle999

    Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Screenshots

    can someone post some more screens thanx in advance
  20. Doogle999

    PES5 Impressions thread

    its perfect well almost anyway except licenses