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  1. DaNukeX5

    Clubs won't select me.

    what are the positions your player can play? does your team use that position on their starting 11?
  2. DaNukeX5

    whats your highest match rating?

    8.5, but only in friendlies ML max was 8.0
  3. DaNukeX5

    [KITS and EMBLEMS] Hrvoje10 Formulas

    Does the CS Maritimo kit fit with the stripes on 73?
  4. DaNukeX5

    [KITS] Damientph fantasy kits

    ^1st year home kit for | my Barça fantasy team|2nd year home kit^ Give me the RGB codes please. And can you create a yellow kit (away for 1st year), a red kit (away for 2nd year), a black kit (GK for 1st year) and a white kit (GK for 2nd year)?
  5. DaNukeX5

    Missing players pes13

    They are in the Free Agents
  6. DaNukeX5

    Missing players pes13

    R. Carlos - RODRICO CATIS F. Inzaghi - FIL ILSACI
  7. DaNukeX5

    My ML team status and information (OFFLINE)

    TAC is low because you have Subotic on GK, for example...
  8. DaNukeX5

    Bal Boots?

    you can draw...
  9. DaNukeX5

    Wembley FC

    Hey guys! Just started a ML with this team I created, in the Theeselvargen's spot. I traded with PES United so I would start in the D2 League to get promotion to the Premier League. I'll post my results in here and my signings, and if you can give me some tips, I appreciate it. The squad is...
  10. DaNukeX5

    Bal Boots?

    You're not man of the match if you have the best rating but you lose...
  11. DaNukeX5

    Bal Boots?

    Being man of the match.
  12. DaNukeX5

    [KITS and EMBLEMS] Hrvoje10 Formulas

    Thanks pal, will put it in the game right now!
  13. DaNukeX5

    [KITS and EMBLEMS] Hrvoje10 Formulas

    I've got a challenge for you mate! Can you create the HD logo?
  14. DaNukeX5

    [KITS] Nemisiskidd 2013 (All Requests in the Kit Request Thread)

    Hi! Can you make me 3 kits? 1st: Just like you see in the image but with no logos (only the Adidas one) and the code for the red I want you to use is 23/1/1, if possible. 2nd: The reverse of the 1st kit, with no logos (only Adidas) and please ignore those details behind the arms...
  15. DaNukeX5

    Probably a n00b question: PES 13 Chest Logo Import Limit?

    The limit is 51 (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
  16. DaNukeX5

    The world's ugliest kit 2010/11 by Vixon

    Sorry, mistake... If someone can delete this, I appreciate it.
  17. DaNukeX5

    Celtic - pastures new.

    Good luck pal!
  18. DaNukeX5

    Why can't I see actual stats?

    lol... For stats, age and height: Press TRIANGLE on the player you want and then X when his HUB shows. For condition: Press L1 when on the gameplan. Hope I helped...
  19. DaNukeX5

    [KITS] Peda69's Classic kits 3.0 (No Requests Until Further Notice)

    These are good! Can you give me the RGB codes for these kits?
  20. DaNukeX5

    [KITS] Nemisiskidd 2013 (All Requests in the Kit Request Thread)

    DAMN! Great kits! Can I request some fantasy kits?