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  1. CSF

    SPL and 1st Div Option File V0.5

    I love this file, bring on V1.0
  2. CSF

    [PS2] Rossy Boy's Option File V0.5

    Superb mate thanks very much. Keep up the good work.
  3. CSF

    [PS2] Lennon Club Pes6 Option File(UK)

    If your ps2 is the slim one the maxdrive cd doesnt load. This can be resolved by pulling the laser arm down. But be gentle with it.
  4. CSF

    Scottish League Option File?

    Try this option file for pes5 featuring SPL its not bad
  5. CSF


    Can i copy a team from a PES5 option file over to a PES6 Option file? If thus is possible plese could someone explain how to do this. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks
  6. CSF

    [All] PES5 SPL Evolutionaries Option File

    will there be a SPL option file for PES6? Can I copy over the hearts team from this PES5 option file to a PES6 option file? If so could someonr please explain how i would go about doing that.
  7. CSF

    [PS2+PC] PESRevolution 1.0 PES6 (all updated bundesliga and Champs.League teams)

    Same problem doesnt work. I'm using Maxdrive Uuncrushed to MC but option file isnt found ???????
  8. CSF

    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    can I save games directly onto the max drive for the ps2 and do away with my standerd memory card or do i need to keep memory card?
  9. CSF

    Hey there!

  10. CSF

    [ALL] PES5 dwevans option file v2

    to dwevans Hi your option file is great. are you planing a V3 anytime soon? will this have any SPL teams included?
  11. CSF


    High I'm new to this forum and I'd just like to say Hi. what a great forum this is. I'm fairly new to PES and I have to say PES5 is Fab. Although in the old days used to play ISS98 and Pro Evolution on the old PS 1
  12. CSF

    [ALL] PES5 SPL V 1.2 option file by Valldondo

    Nice hearts kit. 99.5 % accurate.are you doing a v1.3?
  13. CSF

    Hearts 2005/2006 kit

    How can i get the hearts team on my pes 5 for my ps2? I have a max drive but i'm a bit of a novice on how to use it!
  14. CSF

    [ALL] PES5 dwevans option file v2

    hi i'm a newbie. what a great option file. thanks