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  1. ranma13

    Juventino OF

    Hello, I've made some fixes and improvements in my OF and re-uploaded the PS2 version (the previous download link dated from 2007 and was dead). All the info and download link are in the first post. Happy PES gaming ! J.
  2. ranma13

    Juventino OF

    Hello, Since the download links were dead, I've reuploaded my OF for this lost gem (in my opinion the best PES on the PS2). I've also recently improved my file. See the first post for the release notes. For those who do not know this gem, you should read this ...
  3. ranma13

    Gortop FM08 to PES Stats Tool

    Hello, Does anyone still have the Gortop's FM08 to PES 2008 stats tool ? Best, J
  4. ranma13

    PC/PS2 PES 3 Juventino OF

    Hello, This year, it'll be the 20th anniversary of the Pro Evolution 3 release. To celebrate this, I've created an option file for those who would like to (re-)discover this little gem. As for almost all my option files, I've only changed the visual aspects (real names, kits, ...) and I've not...
  5. ranma13

    PES 08 option file with 07/08 rosters (PS2 emulator version)

    Hi, Have you been able to fix the glitch ? How did you do ? When you say "full Bundesliga", do you also mean that players have been fully recreated (stats and faces) ?
  6. ranma13

    Complete *PES 6* Option File with 2006/2007 squads including Bundesliga

    Hello The Dude, I just want to thank you a lot. I did an OF in the past : The goal of my OF was to keep the original gameplay (I mean the original squads, player stats, ...) but just improve the visual aspects by...
  7. ranma13

    Juventino OF

    Hi, I just bought PES 6 for PC and converted my PS2 OF for PC. The file is attached in the first post. Happy PES 6 gaming !
  8. ranma13

    [PS1] ISS Pro 98 (PAL) - JuventinoOF V1.0

    V2.0 of the PS1 file has been added. Here're the release notes : V2.0 - 2020-03-30 ----------------- Some player names have been updated as per wingsoftomorrow suggestion. Thanks a lot for his input ! His text file (ISSPRO98_2.TXT - is also added in this...
  9. ranma13

    [PS1] ISS Pro 98 (PAL) - JuventinoOF V1.0

    I've added the N64 version of the file.
  10. ranma13

    ISS Deluxe for PS1?

    Very cool. Is it possible to do the same on SNES ?
  11. ranma13

    [PS1] ISS Pro 98 (PAL) - JuventinoOF V1.0

    [PS1][N64] ISS Pro 98 (PAL) - JuventinoOF V1.0 This year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of ISS Pro 98 release. For this occasion, I've worked for few weeks on creating an option file containing all real names for all players of all the teams. PS1: This OF is for the PS1 version...
  12. ranma13

    Classics Managers Real Names

    Hi, Indeed GIMTIOPAZ is more likely Alfio Basile than Ramon Angel Diaz. Also because Ramon Angel Diaz was not retired as a manager and thus would probably not been inserted as a «classic». For Robson, it’s also possible but the name is too different imho.
  13. ranma13

    All teams information / PES 2015

    Hi, This file is not available anymore. Any chance to put it back online ? I'm working on a 2015 OF...
  14. ranma13

    Classics Managers Real Names

    Hi, Late in the party, I'm creating my OF for PES 2015 and I'm in the process of renaming teams, managers, players, ... I've now busy with classics teams. For Europe Classics Team, manager name is quite easy : FLEGLICHTER from England shall be updated to A. FERGUSON from Scotland. For World...
  15. ranma13

    Pes 2013 (PS3 BLES) 2016-2017 Option File (In Progress)

    It would save me amount of time. But with PES Editor (for PES 2015), I'm only able to load PC OF's.
  16. ranma13

    Pes 2013 (PS3 BLES) 2016-2017 Option File (In Progress)

    Nice initiative. I had the same problem (no more datapack) and thus creating an OF for PES 2015 PS3. I'll upload it when done. Only issue is that there is no PES Editor for PES 2015 PS3 version. So it takes time to edit...
  17. ranma13

    "Unable to load because data is from different version"

    Hi, I've the same issue. I'm thinking about making a new "lite" OF for game without datapack. This "lite" OF would fix in 1st version : - League names - Team names - Player names - Put "doubles" in free agent - Fix the coach names - Fix the stadium names - Fix the rivalities In a second...
  18. ranma13

    [ps3] how to edit the of with pc editor

    Hi, Is there a way to update a PS3 Option File for PES 2015 on PC ?
  19. ranma13

    [PS3] OF

    Hi, If I understand well, this option file just updates all the visuals (kits, names, ...) but keeps the original team rosters, does not add any new team or league, does not cover the transfers, ... This is exactly what I'm looking for. Can you just confirm my understanding is correct ?
  20. ranma13

    [PS2] Which one to play today ? 6 or 2008 ?

    Hi folks, I've decided to jump back in the past and hook my old PS2 to my living room TV. And of course, I plan to play again PS2-gen PES game. I've 3 PES games on that system : - PES 3 - PES 6 - PES 2008 I plan to restart a Master League but also to play with friends coming at...