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    Winning Eleven 10 Official Thread

    What is it with WE10 and rainy matches? Am I the only one facing this, some sort of bug? One time I got 3 consecutive rainy matches. I've tried most of the cup tourneys and it's always raining!
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    ya don't wanna run those players too hard or ...

    I did that but it didn't happen. It was an exhibition match though. I guess this would happen in a league?
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    PES5 Master League: Promising Players Thread

    Park Chu Young. (CF/WF/SS/AMF?) Cicinho (SB/WB/SMF) (Fake name Kikinho) Zidan (SS/AMF/CF) (Can't remember his club)
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    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    Thanks for the reply Zyg, I really appreciate it. I have another question. Since you're in the UK I believe you'd be qualified to answer. Few months back, my girlfriend's sister who's currently in Glasgow ordered a Max Drive from for me. But until today, the thing has yet to...
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    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    Greetings. According to, the Max Drive will only work on UK:PAL PS2. My console is NTSC:J but equipped with a modchip. Will it work?
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    PES5 - Quick Questions Thread.

    Why does Marlon Harewood of West Ham has a star for Playmaking?????? If used regularly, he will have legend-like stats in the ML though.
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    Must have player in master league?

    In PES5, Alan Smith will have legend-like stats in the ML if you play him regularly. So yeah, he's a must have for me.
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    Where can I get PES5 cheapest?

    In Malaysia, the cheapest that I could find is RM5. In fact, that's the only version available. RM5 = less than 1 pound. :P
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    Transferring Option File from Pes4 to Pes 5?

    I loaded my PES4 option file but some of the data weren't converted (e.g. Holland players' real names). Strange.
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    PES 5 available in Asean

    asean n : an association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation in southeastern Asia and who joined with the United States to fight against global terrorism [syn: Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN] :D
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    PES 5 available in Asean

    I got my 'special' version on 4th October. :innocent:
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    bloody bug in master league training

    grrr, I was training my players in the off season of master league, I was about to finish the shooting training for my last player when suddenly, the advantage logo appeared and the whistle sounded right after my player passed the ball to my shooter. then the ball moved by itself to god knows...
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    Gabrielle Heinze & Mathieu Flamini

    At least: give heinze *sliding pump up his stamina to 90 his freekick should be higher as well, I gave him a 73
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    Cristiano ronaldo

    hey lads, I gave ronaldo 95 for agility, and *anti-dribble as well... my mate says that's too much. what dya think?
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    X-Port Information - All you need to know

    can I use x-port v2 pal version on a US version ps2 (with mod chip) ?
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    something's wrong with my PES4

    omg. for real?? can anyone else confirm this?
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    something's wrong with my PES4

    greetings lads~ I'm bewildered! am I the only one with these problems or what? - theres a massive lag if the penalty box is too crowded - the commentary doesnt make sense! e.g. the guy said my team is on the brink of relegation when im actually 1st (or any other rank, but the...
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    How many of you have won the ML on Extreme?

    well well did any of you guys cheat by editing the stats of your players? I have a friend who bragged about how he conquered ML in extreme but when I checked his players, (heck he even bought the ones from egypt, china, etc) the stats were either full blown to 99 with all stars or in the range...