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    Ultimate option file x2

    could you please tell me how this option file compares with the one aj1981 made?
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    PC boots to ps2 convert

    x2 can we use max-drive?
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    PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]

    you have several of the stadium names wrong - here's a wiki with the right names: also the 'carlsberg' logo on the liverpool strip seems smaller than in previous option files, can you make it any larger, plus fix the nike swoosh by...
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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    i've lost my max drive discs, i can only find my max drive usb stick. sigh it can't be done without the little PS2 max drive disc can it? it's probably wishful thinking but this guide: dosen't actually say you need a modded/chipped PS2, but i guess...
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    PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]

    hi aj1981, thanks for making this. i'm not sure which of your option files to use, the one posted at the start of this thread, or the newer one in your signature? The_Best or The_Best_NEWEuro? how much newer is it? could you please list all the differences? thanks!