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    Calling All PS2 Option File Makers! Please Read.

    I would like you all to join me in a new feat of making a 2009 season option file. This will include everything up to date for the 2009 season, kits, teams. transfers, new players... You see where I'm going with this. I haven't been around much of the forums lately, but I would like all the...
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    Full Brit Masterleague Option File

    is this file still in the works? :)
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    Gloddle's English ML Option file (NTSC)

    good work mate, finally glad to see cardiff city in this of so i shall be keeping my eye on it :)
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    Yet More Bloody Online Problems...

    Well I can't actually get mine online :shock: Anyway, here's what I'm using; Laptop with a 3G wireless USB modem (speed 3.6 MBps) UTP Crossover Cable Slim PS2 Now I've set it all up (Crossover cable in PS2 and Laptop) Tried to connect and it says connection error on the TV Screen...
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    PeSpRo mkII's OptionF v1.0 (Work in progress)

    File's Off Lads Sorry, Lack Of Time And Access To The File Has Halted Progress. Out Of My Hands Unfortunatley.
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    PeSpRo mkII's OptionF v1.0 (Work in progress)

    Well N' Gala my file wouldnt be the best (this is my first crack at one) but its a more thorough file with a better detail. Anyway the file is overdue I admit as I went away for xmas but i will be back home to finish the file after the January transfer period, so i will do my best to have it...
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    PeSpRo mkII's OptionF v1.0 (Work in progress)

    Hi, formations? I've never thought of that :huh:. If I watch MOTD before the file is out i'll get the most recent line ups from there. Ive renamed all the teams with wrong names and edited the licensed teams names to easier to understand names. Latest it will be finished by is 23 December...
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    hi everybody I'm newby

    welcome mate and mods for gods sake give eek-a-mouse a permaban please
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    fabio quagerella

    His proper name is Quagliarella ;)
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    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    lol. Spammers Paradise seperate post count. Please.
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    Well whatever floats your boat, welcome bud :) Who do you support?
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    No beet, stgomes. Welcome bud :welcome:
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    Your Face In PES6

    Sorry man I don't do requests anymore
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    Football Manager 2008 Vs FIFA Manager 08

    What patch is that Cali? FM08 ftw, easy to use and enjoyable. Only had 2 days and it gets the thumbs up from me.