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    RGB scart problem

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    RGB scart problem

    Yes also it makes no diffrence if the red and white cables are pluged in either
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    RGB scart problem

    Original copy and it's not the T.V because it turns green on the T.V downstairs aswell
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    RGB scart problem

    Yeah and i tryed flicking the switch but it doesn't work:crymore:
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    RGB scart problem

    Damn i got that scart you posted but it is stll Green any ideas?:erm:
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    RGB scart problem

    Not working looks like i will have to get the scart thanks anyway
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    RGB scart problem

    Can you recomend a certan type as i brought loads of others which just played in black and white
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    RGB scart problem

    Hey sorry if this is in the wrong section but this is the only logical place i can find to put it:mellow: Anyways i got this RGB scart for Winning eleven 8 and it worked fine but then i stoped using it for a year untill WE9 came out but now it turns the scrren green when i try to play using...
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    What club has your number?

    Me to he is just a rock:shocking: My bogey team would have to be Bolton just hate playing against their formation
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    Longest amount of stoppage time

    8 mins for me
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    This game is shite, utter shite!!!!!!!!!!

    ! That happens to me aswell pisses me off so much
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    check this out *video*

    Clearly fake but still brilliant
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    [PES5] How many 'stars' do you play on?

    6 but i might go down to 4 as it's to hard
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    Bootpacks in pes5

    Yeah i also need help on how to put a bootpack on the PS2
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    please make the pitches and camera angles more realistic in PES6!

    The only thing that bother me is the amount of space you get on the pitch it's so cramprd IRL there is a alot ore space
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    New PES6 info - New Teams etc (confirmed as lies)

    You never no konami might put some of this stuff in
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    PES cheats?

    Yeah we could have a metal gear solid 11 as they are created by konami
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    Bootpack Makers Inc.

    To save you time can i have the same boootpack as him and do you have to install it the same way you install a patch? E-mail:[email protected] Thank you
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    DKZ studio installation help

    No still not working