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    Basic doubt regarding defending

    Guys, Sorry if i am repeating. Need tour help. Whenever i am one on one with the opponent goal keeper, the opponent defenders comes charging from behind me and catch me mater who my striker is...even if its aguero. But when my opponent goes one on one with my goal keeper, my...
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    PES2014 costs only $31 is PSN stores

    Guys, PES2014 digital premium edition is available in PSN for $31. where as the game is sold at $65 in shops. I would like to how why is this difference? does this digital premium edition different to the game sold in shops? What are the drawbacks in purchasing this PSN edition of pes2014...
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    Demo installation issue

    Guys, I successfully downloaded the demo. During installation about 15% i get an error telling that "an error occurred during installation operation(80029564)" what am i supposed to do? is there a way out? please help
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    News about PES 14

    when is pes2014 demo getting released for ps3? any official news?
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    guys the dp2 is already ready. Im downloading while i type this. common guys let the show begin...
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    Update problems (Communication Error)

    same problem for me as well mate...i think there is an issue with konami u cant do much
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    Online issue in both ranking and friendly match lobby

    Mate did the same. My port was ON and after connection test i got a message as "connection test successful" I also made it off and it had some default port 5670 or something. when i tested it gave me "connection test successful". but even now i cant get opponents. now tell me what else i need...
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    Online issue in both ranking and friendly match lobby

    Guys, I have a BLES 01709 copy of PES2013. When i try online ranking match, it searches for opponent continuously and i never get any opponent.I even selected "No match restriction" in both Pass support and rating. When i go to to friendly match lobby after my friend sends me an invite, i just...
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    ML offline discussion

    Guys i dont see such thread. Thats why created. Please use this to discuss about ML offline game mode. Please apologize me if this thread is already available.
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    Disabling autosave

    its not about loosing...Wat if i make a mistake in finance or signing? This is really bad.
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    Disabling autosave

    Guys im sorry if im repeating. I started a ML offline and i guess i enables autosave. Now im not finding any option to disable this autosave. Please help me to disable this autosave. Its really irritating.
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    PS3_Data Pack 1

    This is crazy. After data pack1 update, i dont see teams updated with latest players after transfer window. I am taking about EPL. Can someone confirm is this is the case with all or i did some mistake?
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    [BLES01407] paul2478 2012 PS3 Option File

    guys something is seriously wrong. I have a BLES 01407 PES game and i have never used any option file so far. My data pack is 4.00. I downloaded the latest full file from Paul's blogspot. I did everything perfectly and I copied all the files to my PS3. when i run the game, i can see any...
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    accidentally deleted system data

    what do u mean by backup? u mean physically i should have done a backup in PS3?
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    accidentally deleted system data

    Hello. By mistake i deleted PES2012 system data in my PS3, all other files are there.. Is there any way to recover this file? Please help.
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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    Demo 2 has 11 licensed teams to choose from: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Santos, Corinthians, Boca Juniors and Chivas are available to use in Copa Libertadores mode.
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    From where did u get these teams(chelsea and PSG)?? Have u patched? BTW im on PS3, is there any option files for pes2013?
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    How to create patch

    super initiative mate. all the best.
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    PES2013 demo for INDIA

    I dont see PEs2013 demo in PSN india stores...can any1 tell me when we will have this demo?