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    The Un-Official 'How to improve MLO' thread...

    I've explained in the other MLO thread that you can select in settings to only search for people of a similar level.... so this is your error of being lazy, not Konami's.
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    Overall Player Ratings

    Correct Karan, it averages out all the stats, but weighs favourably in their favoured defence or attacking stat. The defence/attack stat relate to how well they play in a favoured position. When looking to buy a player look for the stats you want him to have, not his overall stat. you want a...
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    Commentary .......

    Alright guys, We all know the commentary on Pro has never been anything good and this year its the same. However, I want to find out what bit of 'commentary' pisses you off the most?! Mine is a choice of 3... 1) Where he just shouts "NOW!" 2) Where he asks "Guess Who?" and 3)...
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    help messi gone!

    Abreu is a Urguyuan striker..... Although this doesn't help with the Messi situation..... maybe update the game using Konami's official update see if this does anything?
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    leave the ball controll?

    Use the "super cancel" feature... on Xbox360, its RB and RT.
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    Pes 2011 torrent?

    Haha, I think asking for a torrent on a website that has links to Konami is not the best idea.
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    Defending player quicker than Attacker

    Im not having ago at you, but could you name one way in which they could do that without causing some people to moan about it ? anything they would/could do would always upset some people in the PES community, I'd imagine this is the best solution they could come up with to keep the scorelines...
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    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    I can safely recommeneded Berbatov to annoy one that needs a striker for around the 4 million mark... He hasn't stopped scoring or creating goals for me. Legendary. I'm now on the hunt for a new AMC that can also play as a SMF if neccesary. At the moment I have 3 AMC (and one CF) that can play...
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    dive tutorial?

    On the Xbox360 click in both analogue sticks at the same time. Not sure about PC or PS.
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    dive tutorial?

    Ive tried doing it a few times..... its worked once... and its only because the computer performed a slide tackle on my player, missed the ball and my player started to stumble. the ref didn't blow for a foul so i dived and won the freekick.
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    Defending player quicker than Attacker

    Cant agree more! I love the feature, its not very often a player dribbling with a ball will simply out run the defender... everyone know that when you dribble with a ball your speed will be slower than your general sprinting speed.
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    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    Oh, and my starting 11... ----- Luiz Adriano ------ Helder Postiga----- --Jadson------------------Roman Eremenko- ---------Parker --------Radoi------------ -Figueroa--Granqvist--Ischenko--Halford- --------------Malafeev-----------------
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    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    I'll gladly accept a beer as I'm 24 ! Always here to help!
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    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    You have to tell the match finder to find similar player ranks. I think its in the options bit within MLO. It is possible to make it find people that are similar ranked and points level to your team.
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    "Data Pack not upto date"

    Ok, its worked... but the thing is, both updates are labelled Data Update 10/2010... which seems pretty stupid. They should really have given it a different name. Ohwell... game on!
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    "Data Pack not upto date"

    I tried this before, but it didn't work... I'll give it another go.
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    "Data Pack not upto date"

    I keep getting this error message when trying to access MLO. Anyone else getting this ? I have downloaded the data pack that was released on 10/10. And have re-downloaded it again to make sure. MLO was working fine yesterday. PES says go to extra settings and download the latest data...
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    Home games, Away games, and Form

    I think, and have found upon investigation that the arrows relate to the "form" attribute within the players stats.... the higher the number the more likely they will be able to keep at a green arrow or above if they get a good match rating.
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    cant score!

    Play patiently... try doing one twos by passing and pressing LB if your on xbox, or L1 if your PS. When shooting from range make sure your player is not running fast, make sure his body position is as good as it can be for a shot... think like you would when playing football. If you're off...
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    Rivaldo From PES 3 101 rating!!

    Weirdly, when you search for overall attributes when looking for a player, it gives u the choice to go from 0 to 109! So im guessing you can create someone with 109 overall skill.