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    [PS3] CYPES Option File

    I'm hoping for a US version? What is the best US version for now?
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    PS3 US Option File

    Does anyone have a file made for the US PS3 including MLS? If not, what is the best US based option file and how do we use option files in pes 2016?
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    SuperBob... I'm in the same shoes as you with not buying a new PES for three years... I recognize your name from the forums. Nice to be back at the sametime. Paul's file is great as I began using it on Sunday!
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    [PS3] Juanjgv89 Option File PES 2015 (BLUS)

    So the three fake PES leagues are now: Liga PEU - Bundesliga Liga - Liga Postobon Liga - J League Division 1 I initially am using Paul2478 His file has the following: Leagues/Cups All leagues and cups have been renamed and most have the correct emblem. Premier League SkyBET Championship Serie...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Paul, I read you faq on your blog as suggested by another pesgaming forum user and one of your faq referenced if I had a different bles/blus//blas code if they could use your file and you said yes but only for pes 2013 and 2014. I don't own pes 2013 or 2014 but was wondering if i were to DL and...
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    [PS3] WWEFAN PES 2015 Option File (BLES 02088)

    I was wondering if I were to use your US based OF how do I update when you add more leagues / teams? I'm excited that you will be making an MLS league!!! Please provide advice on how to upload OFs and what to do when you make revisions to the file? Will we know what is new or do we need to...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    IronCity... I'd been interested in an MLS or USL Pro league as well... The first fictional league I developed with fake teams based on coastal cities including Santa cruz, Capitola, Venice, Huntington beach, Manhattan beach... I found cheesy team logos but it worked. Someone in this forum had a...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    I meant to first say thanks! I just got excited playing PES 2015 since I have not gotten a PES game since PES 2012. Part of the reason probably was because I felt that the OF I had included MLS and I added my own fictional team the Santa Cruz Breakers to MLS and realize that I unfortunately...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Any chance of adding MLS?
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    PES 2012 Option File

    I used to be an avid PES gamer but the last version I bought was PES 2012. In that version I DL an option file that included MLS and created my own team the Santa Cruz Breakers... I loved the series and still do but was probably going to buy PES 2015 for my PS3. I based in the US and believe...
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    [BLUS30805] 2012 MLS Import Pack

    @fcpappin... Thank you for creating and uploading the MLS teams. I wanted to let you know that I was able to import the teams and begin playing in the "MLS" with my user created team which I initially used the prequal data from 2011. I was a bit afraid to ruin my 2011 prequal data with a new...
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    Master League and Edited players?

    I just bought PES 2012 and am disappointed that after using the prequel data I imported my 2011 file and my user created team appears fine and plays in exhibition and even in league mode but I guess can't be selected to play in Master League? I know last year I some how got my edited team to...
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    PES 2011 Master League on PES 2012

    I made significant edits to create a Master League Team on PES 2011. Can I transfer or import my master league team into pes 2012?
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    Transfer PES 2011 to 2012

    I heard that it is possible to transfer PES 2011 PS3 files to PES 2012? Last year I used Mr. Game Tights PES 2011 US Option file and than added about 12 teams and created a new league etc... When I get PES 2012 today, should I first DL an option file on per gaming and than try to add my old...
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    Great option file! I hear I can transfer my PES 2011 file to PES 2012? I edited a league and...

    Great option file! I hear I can transfer my PES 2011 file to PES 2012? I edited a league and created fictional teams. If I want to use your file for real teams and add my teams do I DL and use your option file first and than transfer my league / team?
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    [?] New to PES 2012 and Transfer 2011 File

    In PES 2011 I DL Mr. Game Tights US Option file and created an entire league of teams, a cup, and players. I was told that I could transfer my existing team and cup over to PES 2012. If this is true, do you recommend transferring my...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Starting In D2 with my "fictitious" Santa Cruz Breakers has been amazing... I really like that my D2 Division is made up of all fictitious teams representing cities in CA and Hawaii... My D2 is playing in the Barclay's Premier and so far has been a fun and challenging Master League. I'm not a...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Ml @carhandle Thanks.. That's what I ended up doing.. I restarted and edited my WE United team to my Santa Cruz Breakers. The Breakers are bottom.. all other teams in my division are top 50.. Oh well.. It's just funny since all I did was edit name and uniforms for the other 17 squads.
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    [PS3 US version]Pelegrini90's Option File

    If I initially Downloaded mrgametights option file, edited the D2 league in his file by creating/renaming 18 teams and changed WE United with emblems, uniforms, and created players will this be impacted if I download you second file for people who initially downloaded mrgametights file? I've...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    What I thought was strange was that most of the teams in my recreated D2 are in the Top 50 and my team is dead last... I like being last, but not sure why any of the teams in D2 what I call Coastal Premier would be in the Top 50 since our division is D2 below Barclay's...