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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    that's the part im not getting ;)
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    ok clicked on PAUL2478 avatar clicked on download 2015 links have the 3 options clicked on the BLES and I get to a mediafire web page which asks me to authorize nothing will allow me to download a file - its getting very frustrating
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Help please Can you please help I've never downloaded pes option file before, can you help step by step where the option file is what's it called in the uk, where does it go when I down load as I can't find it and do I have to pay for win rar? I'm struggling with this so as much help as...
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    My club

    Thanks but does this mean I can enter any competitions or get promoted from a division? Do I get the same points as I would online?
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    My club

    Can anybody help please? Is it possible to just play offline on my club? I always have problems playing online so would just prefer to play offline but not sure by doing this I will be able to get coins and strengthen my team, any help would be great!!
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    Pes at its best!!!

    After being very disappointed with pes 14 I sadly went to the dark side and brought fifa 15, ok it has all the licensing etc etc but the gameplay is poor, so while I am waiting for pes 15 to come out I want to buy myself the best pes game so far, but which is it? 12,13? Unfortunately down the...
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    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    mlo 2013 question Hi guys wondered if you can help i luke probably a few of us decided that as i brought the 2014 version of pes i would delete anything to do with 2013 but after trying my hardest to enjoy 2014 i have come to the conclusion that its complete rubbish atm so i am in the middle...
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    mlo players and tactics

    Just starting out on mlo and just wondered what players and tactics people are using? I've already seen the mphela seems to be a very popular choice and rhat many players are playing with 2 upfront unlike mlo2013 where most players played with 1 upfront please contribute.
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    mlo question

    Wellington nem i think signed him played one match released him then i couldnt of even signed him again as i didnt have enough points. Like you say i dont seem possible.
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    mlo question

    Ok pal what about the played one match released and got fewer points question?
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    mlo question

    Yes this is pes2014 and yes i received a smaller amount of points after releasing him i've no idea why!!!
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    mlo question

    Where does it state how many points you are going to get when you release a player? Also how come when i signed a player and he played one match i released him and lost alot of points why has that changed?
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    mlo question

    Just a quick question about mlo i signed a player he played one match then i released him and received alot less points then when i brought him why is this?
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    Had enough !!!

    I have been patient and given this game the chance to shine but what the hell has happened to this game? I've tried different skill levels and I just can't seem to enjoy it, I have messi who can't even dribble or outpace a really crap defender, online is laggy and the whole camera situation is a...
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    Just been playing the game for 3 hours and yes some games were enjoyable but i found myself being very frustrated with dribbling, tackling, corner, goal kicks. Why on earth have they made this so difficult. Dribbling and tackling in 13 improved a fair bit in my opinion but now i struggle to...
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    what is going on.

    Been playing mlo and the game is lagging everytime i just got half way through a game and ended up at the original game menu the servers must be faulty as its happening all the time how are we supposed to play the game like this? Something needs to be done. Last years version wasn't even this bad.
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    coach mode

    I like everyone else try and enter as many mlo tournaments as possible my problem is that i just can't win a match on coach mode even against the worst teams ever has anyone got any tips.
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    patch has just killed my game

    Not sure what you mean? All i've done is what i said. Should i delete the patches and start again?
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    patch has just killed my game

    Have you had any luck since? I've got the same problem
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    Big problem

    Please help downloaded new patch started installing then crashed I left it for a bit then had to turn it off and start again when I restarted it said a new new version had to be installed which I done and now I can't even get as far as the main menu screen to even play exhibition games or...