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    Complete List Of PES 2010 Reviews

    PES 2010 review I am really shocked that pes 2010 is not getting good reviews. Seabass is really going to have to get his act together. I have bought every pes game and I was really looking forward to the reviews but they are all saying pes 2010 hasnt really changed from last year. I am...
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    "I don't like PES'09" Hate it? Well let us know here and only here.

    The game is a lot better then last years version and the online is sorted. An option file will sort you out. The only thing that annoys me is Mark Lawersons commentary its awful. But apart from that def a better than pes than last years.
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    PES 2009 FULL GAME impressions (including Dundon's from page 5)

    great review cant wait to play it tomorrow getting it for ps3 cant wait to play the online mode.
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    option file available friday?

    Guys im sure that within 3 or 4 days some guy will have an option file.
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    Its now the Middle of June still nothing about PES 2009

    It now the middle of june and still nothing from konami about PES 2009. I seen that its on but no release date or anything about the game. Does this mean that maybe konami is going to wait till next year to release the game? From what I heard they had a lot of guys working on mgs 4...
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    Pes 2009 Poll

    Thats true as it is only now that games devolpers are beginning to get the power out of the ps3.
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    Pes 2009 Poll

    I think they will as they cant afford to lose the massive fan base that pro evo has.
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    Ronaldo V Kaka

    thats true he does drift out of games I have yet to see him have a world class performance against the Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or the top european teams he is judged as being a world class player when playing aginst the crappy premiership teams. We will see how good he is when the gunners...
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    Ronaldo V Kaka

    I heard the guys on sky last night say at the moment there is not a better player than ronaldo in the world errr KAKA is a far better footballer and im an Arsenal fan last season he beat Man Utd by himself where was the supposed world class ronaldo. Lets be honest about it 2/3 of the teams in...
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    fifa08 360 help

    Wrong site buddy this is for pro evo fans only
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    would you wait two years for pes?

    Yes i would if it was a good game if konami said to give their fans the true pro evo experience and release the game every 2 years I wouldnt mind FIFA will never be as good as pro. There could be no excuses about making it on to many formats as I heard that was an excuse that they were making...
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    No good football games out on next gen

    Does anybody think that Konami will come out with a really kick ass pro evo or will it be the same and people being let down.
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    No good football games out on next gen

    Thats a good point I suppose but with all the money these companies make of people they should be able to make a decent game for a two very powerful systems. At the end of the day games are to be enjoyed and for the first time with pro evo I didnt enjoy the game.
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    No good football games out on next gen

    Maybe you are right but could you tell me the good points of both games?
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    No good football games out on next gen

    Hey guys I had both pro evo 2008 and FIFA 08 and was really looking forward to both. I know that pro evo would not have all the kits but would have the gameplay and i knew FIFA would have some good points the be a pro mode was good for a while then I got bored of it. But in the end I sold...
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    Xbox Online Tournament

    whats the point online is just terrible with so much lag konami get your act sorted out! putting this crap out and expecting people to be happy with it
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    Anybody hear anything yet about PES 2009

    I just think it was a rushed job put out by konami. I did read that seabass was going to change pes 09 so heres to dreaming they get it right this time!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anybody hear anything yet about PES 2009

    Yes after the disgrace of pes 08 I think we deserve some good news from konami.
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    Anybody hear anything yet about PES 2009

    Hi guys Just a quick question. Did anybody read or hear anything yet about PES 2009.