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  1. Makavelian

    Makabi Haifasure FC

    25 Man Squad Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
  2. Makavelian

    Far Cry 3

    Started playing this today and it is just an incredible game! The map is HHUUUUGGGGEEEE. And it's not barren land like a certain other huge game. The wildlife in the game has been implemented very well. such variety, on and off land. The story has been brilliant up to now. The last Far Cry was...
  3. Makavelian


    How do you put the ball in the bottom corner or low in the middle? I've tried a few different things but can't keep my shots down. I've faced many penalties online and don't think I've seen anyone hit it low.
  4. Makavelian

    How to be a C bomb

    If you want to become a total cunt online, you have come to the right place. Firstly, Don't try and recreate football, you need to get on the ball and immediately try and spam through balls. Why try and enjoy playing nice creative football by learning how to play the game when you can be a cunt...
  5. Makavelian

    PC online wtf's going on?

    I've been playing friendlies in the lobby because it's the only way how to get a proper game of football rather that the shit tactics you see in competitive matches. The lobbys are a mess this year because everyone's so spaced out. In previous years everyone would pile into one lobby but it fan...
  6. Makavelian

    'Unforeseen circumstances'

    (PC) I decided to give a crack at PES again online now that the games been patched, but every game kicks off and then straight away the game quits giving me the game has quit due to unforeseen circumstances. I use wireless but have low ping and consistently strong connection and it worked...
  7. Makavelian

    Makabi Haifasure FC

    25 Man Squad GK. Mark Schwarzer #1 Jussi Jääskeläinen #17 Vito Mannone #28 DF. Tony Hibbert #2 John Terry #5 Ashley Cole#3 (C) Michael Dawson #12 Wesley Brown #13 Richard Dunne #23 Ronnie Stam #14 Sebastien Bassong #21 MF. David Silva #11 Dean Whitehead #18 James McArthur #6 Aaron Lennon #7...
  8. Makavelian

    Improving the game.

    If you were to implement something to improve the beautiful game what would it be? Anything from different pitch dimensions, less/more players, new rules etc.... ???? Was talking with someone who said we should follow the example set by the old USA league where they did away with penalties...
  9. Makavelian

    PES 2012 Fifa commentary.

    Anyone know where i can find a link to download this? All the links on are broken :crymore:
  10. Makavelian

    Game Of The Year 2011

    What yours? Mine would be L.A. Noire
  11. Makavelian

    Your favorite footballer.

    Who's your favorite football player of all time, and why? I'm not asking necessary for the greatest footballer in your opinion .
  12. Makavelian

    Why do you support your club?

    Why do you support your club? What's the story behind why you support your club? Local club? Family brainwashing? Glory hunting?
  13. Makavelian

    Remove splitting hexegan transition

    Has anyone figured out how to replace this shitty in your face transition yet?
  14. Makavelian

    Stats in formation screen

    WTF have you done to the stats. It's so hard to compare players quickly now and i don't want to compare players by a,b's,c's etc.. Just go back to the way it was a couple of years ago ffs.
  15. Makavelian

    Attention pc players

    Any pc players want to play some 2v2 or friendly 1 on 1's.Shouting out to the real pes players who actually enjoy playing the game as a football sim rather than trying to exploit the game for90minutes. My username is NEWv2
  16. Makavelian

    Purchase pes 6 for Digital download.

    Does anyone know where i could purchase pes 6 for digital download? Steam doesn't seem to have it. You will be my hero if you can help:cool:
  17. Makavelian

    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Very impressed with this mode this year.Mainly due to your team-mates not being complete tards like previous years.Just started a new BAL on Superstar difficulty and started my career at De Graafshap.The only annoying thing of this mode is that it cuts to a screen with you and your agent every...
  18. Makavelian

    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    I've been playing the full game now since yesterday and i think there's hardly any difference from the demo2. I'm really got the hang of off the ball movement and now consistantely carving the A.I open up on top player and it really is amazing , i'm getting some beautiful movement in my team now...
  19. Makavelian

    Windows 8

    Just installed windows 8 the developers version , and first impression was it feels awkward the way it's layout . Seems a lot more smoother and more responsive than windows 7 which is great, but the os really seems geared towards smartphones/tablets and touch screen pc's. The OS is like half...
  20. Makavelian

    Penalty Shootout

    I'm liking the new way of taking penalty's. RP4lZzS1Nr0 Is this the same way how they are taken for a normal penalty kick? Still not won one or conceded one yet.