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  1. NikWebb

    I'm new here...

    :lol: welcome
  2. NikWebb

    Call of Duty 5: World At War

    MP40 at the momment i want that russian machine gun i forgot what its called but im about 5 levels off getting it
  3. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    I was playing my friend today Liverpool vs Chelsea and we were messing about with the squads and he had bosingwa in goals and cech at right back, so when he put them back to there normal positions we thought it was going to be back to normal but no Bosingwa had the orange goalkeppers shirt on...
  4. NikWebb


  5. NikWebb


  6. NikWebb


    welcome :)
  7. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    Way it worked thanks :) can finally find a way to play on live again when it happens :)
  8. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    Last couple of times on live on fifa ive had a lot of problems with the oposition players not loading up, and its not just me because i message the other people or theyve messaged me saying that they cant see my players they havnt loaded up so we have to play a match on the radar which is quite...
  9. NikWebb

    Evening all!

  10. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    If your using the 360 hold down LT while the ball is in the air and your player should bring it down on his chest
  11. NikWebb

    Call of Duty 5: World At War

    I got it from a shop called SE in cardiff for 30 quid where game and gamestation were selling it for 45 quid.
  12. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    Yeah on mine i had Aguero as number 2 and Akinfeev as number 10.
  13. NikWebb

    Alright Chaps!

  14. NikWebb

    Hi guys

  15. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    Yeah i played against UTD last night and it was stuiped there players were amazingly good on there couldnt stop them at all.
  16. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    They got the ratings messed up this time badly have a couple of times
  17. NikWebb

    Fifa 09

    I just played two games on live first guy quit on me when i went 3-0 up as liverpool against bayern Next match i won 8-0 as liverpool against Bayern But with this live session update its ridiculas, Torres has got a 93 rating from coming off the bench and scoring a tap in yeh he should be back...
  18. NikWebb

    the beef is here

  19. NikWebb

    Call of Duty 5: World At War

    Ive been doing the coop with my mate and we nearly got to the end and knocked it off because we were to drunk to play, but when i went on in the morning again it hadnt saved so i thought i forgot to but when we done it again theres nothing there to save the game. Do i have to unlock the levels...
  20. NikWebb

    Football Manager 2009 [PC/Mac]

    buy more ram :)