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    WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
  2. Level6

    Resident Evil 5

    Yeah, i agree mate. I think the reason why you can't run and shoot is to create tension and make things Claustrophobia. I still think it's a good game.
  3. Level6


    hahahah! this thread was amusing.
  4. Level6

    Say brother...

    Say brother...
  5. Level6

    I don't have "frends" to.

    I don't have "frends" to.
  6. Level6

    I don't he does. Whatever that means.

    I don't he does. Whatever that means.
  7. Level6

    Playstation 3

    Is there anyone here from London interested in buying a 60GB PS3 with two games? Just PM if you are. Peace.
  8. Level6

    This is Fred!

    HAHAHAH! This is some funny shit! Good thread Cookie.
  9. Level6

    PS2 Option File For PS3 *Here* (.PSV Format)

    Nice work chebster, just what i've been looking for. Will there be a update to this option file? BTW, did you convert this option file from a PS2 version?
  10. Level6

    tutorial: how to patch pes2008 for the xbox360

    Keep up the good work guys.
  11. Level6

    PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]

    Can someone convert this option file into a PS3 version (PSV file)?
  12. Level6

    WWE SmackDown! VS RAW 2008

    Thanks mate.
  13. Level6

    WWE SmackDown! VS RAW 2008

    Hi guys, When does this new "WWE SmackDown! VS RAW 2008" game come out? Also does shots of players with their stats beside them, are they the new stats system they have implemented for the new game? p.s. - I haven't played a SmackDown game since 2002
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    Demo Is Here!!

    Fuck! Can't wait till this demo comes out on the PSN!
  15. Level6

    Playstation 3

    Thanks latinomig4, i'll try it out.
  16. Level6

    The Elite Membership

    No idea mate. Can you change my name for free anyways, since i'm such a nice guy. [/hopeful statement]
  17. Level6

    The Elite Membership

    Hmmmnn i should do that.
  18. Level6

    The Elite Membership

    Okay, thanks for letting me know.
  19. Level6

    The Elite Membership

    If i become a Elite member for 1 month and change my username during that time, does it revert back to my old username after the 1 month period is over?
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    Online Gaming

    Hey guys, Has anybody here got any magazines or books on online any references on paper based source? If you have can i get a scan of it? I just need to do some research on it. Thanks.