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  1. fluke88

    Postal Strikes . . . .from 15th october onwards!

    What were you saying nobhead? Don't make me come to you and put you in a early grave. The postal strike for once shan't be a problem for me as like the past 2 years am going to be at the Asda near mine at 12pm on the night to pick up my copy. Added discount from a friend who work's there has...
  2. fluke88


    Morning son.
  3. fluke88

    hello folks

    Morning fellow follower of the dG's.
  4. fluke88

    And It's Hi From Me

    I was only wondering just before when you'd join up here.
  5. fluke88

    That Buzzing Mosquito is Driving Me Fucking Mad!

    Guess what sound just came out of my speakers as i just turned them on? :laugh: You guessed right that bloody Mosquito noise. Jesus, i guess it's still here!
  6. fluke88


    Wow. What a welcome from everybody, i just laughed when i read his post, but you'se just kinda took it to the heart :mellow: or is it just me? ;)
  7. fluke88


    Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnedy. Shit, ken, duh! Hi KEN and welcome.
  8. fluke88

    Hello there people.

    No!, not you, again!
  9. fluke88

    Mosquitoes - The New Cockroaches?

    Sounds stupid i know but what will that do if i download it? Stop me hearing that horrible buzzzzzzz?
  10. fluke88

    tis meself - the K.1.N.G.

    Welcome back K1NG you ledge!