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  1. dorval

    [PS2] JoeH's PES 2009 Option File v2.3 (inc. CL)

    Hm hm. I just wanted to make clear that it wasn't my intention to insult you or criticise you, it just was plain banter. I understood why you reacted like you did react. Can't bloody wait to get my hands on the game.
  2. dorval

    [PS2] PES2009-UpGrade [All Languages]

    It's written there. To download on the evening of november 2nd.
  3. dorval

    [PS2] JoeH's PES 2009 Option File v2.3 (inc. CL)

    That is rich. Anyway, it was simple banter so don't get too cocky about it man. I meant no disrespect to anyone. And no, PES ain't that important to me no. In fact I will be only able to play it on December seeing that I'm not in Portugal at the moment. And no, I'm not sad, don't worry, I'm...
  4. dorval

    [PS2] JoeH's PES 2009 Option File v2.3 (inc. CL)

    Oh my God. I'm mean, don't post it if you haven't done it all. The time you spent writing this post could've been used in editing some more. Jesus. By the way, just an advice, don't edit the player stats please, you'll just do worse I'm sure. One final thing, "-Corrected names for USA players."...
  5. dorval

    Konami Unveil PES7

    New feature.
  6. dorval

    Konami Unveil PES7

    Hm. God damn it. Well, I guess I'll have to wait until PES2008 comes out. Thanks anyway man. :ninja:
  7. dorval

    Konami Unveil PES7

    When is the new Winning Eleven going to be released for PS2? Wasn't it supposed to be out in late August? It is going to be released on PS2 right?
  8. dorval

    Konami Unveil PES7

    My God. PES6 gameplay is way too fast. It's disgusting. Winning Eleven 10 is way better. Nice Porto stadium pictures. I just hope Benfica's stadium is there, as well as the Portuguese league. That would be ace.
  9. dorval

    PES6: The Debate

    I'm very disappointed with PES6. Winning Eleven 10 is far better. The pace of the game is totally unrealistic. It's just too damn fast. It looks like players are in fast forward. It's ludicrous! I'm really disappointed with Konami. On the other hand, WE10 is absolutely perfect! It really feels...
  10. dorval

    new pes6 info

    If these rumours are true then it's very good news. Portuguese League! Yeah!
  11. dorval

    Playstation 3

    footballcool91, post the PS3 features. How can you have a thread about the PS3 without its main features? I'd like to know them.
  12. dorval

    WE10 Chelsea match highlights video

    The gameplay is slower in WE10. It looks so damn real! I tell you, as soon as you play WE10 you'll think PES5 is one gay arcade footie game.