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    [PES5] Team-pes-x Ppf-patch

    i have down loaded the following files filefront_ppf_part1, filefront_ppf_part2, filefront_ppf_part3, filefront_ppf_part4, filefront_ppf_part5, filefront_ppf_fix, filefront_ppf_update_part1 filefront_ppf_update_part2 filefront_ppf_update_fix filefront_ppf_megaupdate i have used...
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    [PES5] Team-pes-x Ppf-patch

    am i doing something wrong, ive followed the instructions correctly but as soon as i patch the 1st file the "team germany" file it makes the .iso file over 10gb!
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    Max Drive Help & Questions Thread

    Thankyou for this info
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    Indoor Pitches

    Do the players wear boots on the indoor pitch because it would look stupid if they do. Good Patch anyway
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    Help on PS2 Max-Drive

    Alright Mate But There Is So Many, It Takes Ages Going Through Them And There Are Hardly Any Max Drive Option Files
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    Help on PS2 Max-Drive

    Dam! Could sum1 send a gud option file for the max drive becasue im having problems finding them!
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    All My Premiership Kits

    Cheers m8 you have really helped me, now my kits look ace thx
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    Lampard 56m last second curler

    To Swerve The Ball When Shooting Hold R1 Button And Left Or Right Simple!
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    Chiesa - patiently waited , left foot volley

    Nice volley in thebottom corner! :cool: WE6 and 7 have way more sponsors than PES 2 and 3
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    Jenas - beautiful goal to watch

    Trickmaster Right Goal! The way the ball curled into the top corner, BRILLIANT!