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    Will You Buy PES 2012 And Judge It Based On The Demo ?

    That's exactly where I am too !!!! ;)
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    Awww hahaha too cute !!! ;)
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    Daymos Elite PES2011 v3 Bundesliga & Npower Xbox360

    I must say this is the first PES since I got an Xbox that I've actually enjoyed , seems like they have got their act together again !!! Unfortunately this also means that I'm totally clueless as to how to get this thing on my 360 , so I'll be heading over to eBay shortly to get it from there !!!
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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    Breathtaking work Daymos !! Thanks stacks.
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    Help for those who havent got a chipped xbox

    heatuk10 you are a legend for that info , I'm even more excited now !! wahoo ... I just hope that when it comes out there are simple instructions on how to do this as I get well confused when the talk goes all techy !!! Peace
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    no I didn't sign him as I don't need anymore in that position , I'll keep an eye on him now though , see how he progresses !!
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    do u play pre-season matches in ml?

    I play a couple at the end to boost the teamwork of any new signings.
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    In my 3rd season and he's there !!
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    How many free-kicks have you scored?

    I've scored 3 , 2 with Mathieu and one with Barreto. All of these have come in my latest season so I think I may be getting the hang of it.
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    Pes 6.a Bit Of A Let Down??????????

    Keep at it on Regular , it'll click soon enough , just unlearn everything you knew about Pro Evo 5 and start again as it just wont work with this game....
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    PES 6 talents

    Yeah Pazzini and Piccolo both turn out to be very good indeed !!
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    PES 6 talents

    Good Italians: Pazzini Piccolo Palmieri Donadel Motta That should keep your percentages up for a bit.
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    You're Master League so far?

    Start of 3rd season with Torino GK - Carini RB - Zoro CB - Zapata CB - Skrcel LB - Arca RM - Barnetta DM - Mathieu CM - D'Agostino LM - Maxwell SS - Oguro CF - Baros Came 2nd in Div 2 to get promotion and then came 2nd in Div 1.
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    Pro Evo God! Can You Handle It?

    Please please please let everybody beat him !!!
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    good right winger or sidemid in ml?

    Maybe he boned Rijkaards wife and he found out ?? :unsure:
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    has anyone seen this balls in pes6

    I know what you're saying but: Alan Partridge banners = Funny Penguin Suits = :tumble:
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    List of underrated and overrated players.

    Under or Over-rated on the game , not in real life you twit :no:
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    List of underrated and overrated players.

    Quite right , Suker got the Golden Boot but Ronaldo got the Golden Ball. :D
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    has anyone seen this balls in pes6

    And super long shorts !! ... oh and brylcreem !
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    has anyone seen this balls in pes6

    I think it's the fact that they are in there but lots of good stuff isn't that pisses people off. For example , they have removed the ability to choose tops, shorts and socks seperatley ..but....... you can dress up as a penguin !! Yeah it's a fun addition I spose , but don't lose the...