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    World tour help

    Update! sorry guys been off the comp for a bit, after completing Mario Kart i needed a rest from my comps!!! Just got back into the swing of it and after such and a long rest i didnt wanna go straight into my world tour so i started my master league and noticed my performance level had dropped...
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    World tour help

    Sorry Peeps SORRY still been playing Mario Kart just cant get off it its so addictive and i think i needed a break from PES!!!
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    World tour help

    Sorry Folks Just thought id post to say sorry, ive not played any pes2008 world tour this weekend due to a Mario Kart wii Frenzy of a weekend, normal PES2008 world tour playing will continue shortly !!!! And yes Mario Kart for the Wii is awesome!!
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    World tour help

    Some help to understand reputation on here please!! Ive logged on and noticed my rep has gone from normal to red, how/why has this happened?? can anyone answer me?
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    PES 2008 for Wii - A stunning success

    cheers, my friend purchased it and it is very different and good, more training will be needed to learn the moves but i like!! Nothing like any other format!!
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    Offside Rule

    NEVER happened to me ive been given offside when its not for and against like any footie match but never from own half!!
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    The New "PS3 Patch"

    Inter i live in Manchester but love in anywhere i can!!! lol!!! ;-)
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    World tour help

    still having trouble scoring from distance, any other game it would be fine!!! So annoying, only getting the odd game in here or there but hopefully it will be passed shortly!!! Speak soon!!
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    PES 2008 for Wii - A stunning success

    tried a few games of pes on the Wii at the weekend and it was kinda interesting taking some time to get used to it and ive not learnt all the moves just basics to play!! id say good for the wii with its different playing style!!
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    PES 2008 WII review

    awesome so sound like its worth a go but again with the Wii it will be a whole new gaming experience WAHOOO!!!
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    World tour help

    got a few cheeky games in last night managed to take the lead 2-1 witha 35 yard screamer only to be beaten 3-2 so close yet so far. The weekend awaits!!!
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    Lack of feeling when ball hits the net

    I think ur all just havin a pick and everyone keeps picking. Play prov evo with some tunes on then u will never grumble about lack of feeling unless its say backstreet boyz ur listening 2 lol!!!
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    PES 2008 for Wii - A stunning success

    Someone needs to post a real review of this game. Ill try and convince my friend who has a wii to buy although he aint mad on footie but he loves his wii and new ways of playing games so it may be given a go. will let u all know if he does!!
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    Best formation/tactics against human players?

    tried and tested OK OK i use 2 formation 343 and 442. 343 would be a good option if you are a good defender if not use 442, you will obviously score more with 343 providing you use the formation well enough!! 442 will help you not concede yet still gives u a good attacking option!!
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    PES 2008 for Wii - A stunning success

    Anyone got it?? Anyone??
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    Has The Goalie Scored Yet?

    never had the keeper take a free kick against me!!
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    What was the best ever PES?

    great at the time dated and crap now though!!!
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    what happens when you complete world tour mode?

    LostGalactico does that mean ur playing the world tour or ur just travelling the world showing off ur pes skills!!!???
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    PES 2008 for Wii - A stunning success

    it looks very different!!! Let us know the pros and cons off PES on the wii and does it have the WORLD TOUR MODE? In Anticipation!!
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    World tour help

    redsfan it is i just cant play anything else i just have to complete it not touched master league or cups!!! Update time!!! A slow weekend of gaming, i only advanced to Level 85. My curretn task is to defeat England im 1 down 15mins gone and i have to score 1 from at least 30m so far ive...