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    [BLES01408] OF Classic Team by giomarino and Iceman8marco

    so can some teams have same players? like juve from the 00 and from the 90 have both del piero? and in the juve '00 and lazio is there nedved in both?
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    PES 2013 wish list

    new fresh goal celebrations, ML year review with videos and pics of best moments, greatest goals and MVPs best plays, cup celebration with more emphasis!! not possible that is the same for a simple cup and CL. and of all, i know it will be impossible and no-one will always do this cause of the...
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    [BLES01408] OF Classic Team by giomarino and Iceman8marco

    will this teams replace all the normal existing teams? or they will still be somewhere? i'm loving this work!! but i wouldn't like to lose some today's important teams that are not listed in the 00 league. and do i have to copy base all the players i want to keep? thanks a lot for this great...
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    difficulty buying top players

    signed neymar the 1st season, I'm signing ganso right now and i've created ronaldinho(fairly not overrated) and i will finally have my brazilian dream offense creating for my CF...nobody will stop me!
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    Few players, negotiators, etc.

    wait until his affection to his club lowers, now probably he is very happy with his team so won't leave, keep him monitored and when u see the affection bar less than half than try again!
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    difficulty buying top players

    i have the german scout, the second best one, paying him 5 mil a year!! but i guess the main issue is my club ranking, when ill be in the top 5 ill be able to buy who i want, for this year i just invested in the youth team and marketing, if i win the CL ill put it down again and buy my so...
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    captain tsubasa teams ps3

    could somebody create the shirts of captain tsubasa teams for the ps3? only the shorts,for the players i will edit them personally, i know it sounds childish but i love the cartoon, i grew up with them and their crazy shots! Thanks in advance!! :lol::lol::lol:
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    top player i'd wish to buy are: Fabregas & De Rossi for the midfield Chiellini & Kompany for the defense Ibrahimovic & Ronaldo for the attack Players i recommend are: Bassangue age 19 (LB): starts with 75 and in one season is up to 82 Merkel age 18 (AMF-CMF): always top form, quick with good...
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    i'm reading all posts now, probably they answered you already in the new pages but i can tell you that in my ML in the 3rd season barca is still the same except xavi that went to Bayern Munich, Real madrid sold ronaldo to Man U but bought Thiago Silva and the rest of the team is the same, Man U...
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    difficulty buying top players

    lets say that more than satisfying the chairman it is a personal issue, i'd love to have one top player now, i have 125,000,000 € without using the trick of more money. all never spent cause nobody comes. my top requests would be: Fabregas or De Rossi for the midfield, Ibra as a CF, he's a...
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    difficulty buying top players

    he says that is time to buy a player that is in the Serie A top 11 team of the year. i think that buying also a great player will make him happy anyways but still none wants to play with me, i knew about the target list but there is no player that could raise my team level, and also I'm facing...
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    difficulty buying top players

    I am about to start my 3rd season with genoa and i just won Europa League and got 2nd in Serie A, my chairman is asking me that is time to acquire a top player, but nothing, no club wants to sell, even if the player has a low affection to that team i always receive negative responses. the...
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    Difficulty Selling Players??

    i use "normal" market level and with genoa i managed to sell all the players i wanted to sell. the way i did it was to put them on transfer list and make them play couple of games, hopefully they'll play good and other teams will notice them and ask for the transfer, not sure if this is the way...
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    Best training cycle

    thanks a lot for the tip!! hopefully will help me too!! but one question, if the day after the game would be ur first day of conditioning, do u use that rest day as a conditioning day or from the 2nd day after the match u do 2 days of conditioning training? thks
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    im playing with jhk helsinki and this is my squad in second year cooper(from young team)70 m.motta------palmieri--------schmidt migliaccio hetemaj-------------------------myself(74)...
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    beginner who needs help!

    hello everyone! i bought the game for ps3 in Finland and i was wondering myself what patches could i download that would work? i tryed already some italian ones but they dont work...please help!! p.s. the game was bought in finland so is a PAL game but the playstation was bought in Italy and...