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    My BAL Thoughts.

    God damn they ahve taken a decent mode from pes2013 and stripped it back to nothing, and the AI is more inept than ever. And what the fuck is up with dribbling this year? The legs move but nothing fucking happens your player just looks retarded, grunting and jostling before tripping over the...
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    BAL Difficulty

    It always starts out this way in my experience. I even moved to Manchester United and they played pretty poorly till halfway through the season. But when i moved to Barca.. those guys can play! Messi back-heeled me a through pass that was better than any other pass ive received. So good
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    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    Meh, ive found it plays a good fair game on pro difficulty. First season is always difficult till you get your teamwork rating up, no matter how hard you call for the ball they jsut play stupid balls to bad wingers. Then once you hit about 60 teamwork you can run the team. Put it this way i...
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    Speed merchant

    Isn't Legends supposed to be coming in October? At least i thought i read it somewhere
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    Speed merchant

    I couldnt get it either, but i played a full year and trained it for my player. I love this new system of choosing and training which skill you want, feels like a great reward at seasons end.
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    PES 2012 Demo 2 >>> PES 2012 Retail Release

    Ok i take back what i said earlier.. i rented fifa and lasted all of 10 mins. Fucking horrible i cant believe i complain about PES
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    PES 2012 Demo 2 >>> PES 2012 Retail Release

    Must say i agree, this game is frustrating as hell and simply isnt enjoyable. Ive tried to like it and was optimistic it would get better, i have brief moments where everything goes smoothly and i think wow this is awesome, but then it goes into full retard mode for the next 5 games. And all...
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    What about annoying things?

    Getting real fucking tired of the cpu moving my player for no reason, wtf were konami thinking its just stupid ><
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    Dear Konami...

    lmfao hahahahaha
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    Shooting and crossing tips (basic)

    So for shooting you aim either up or down and hope for the best? No wonder ive been shooting straight at the keeper i use angled shots lol\ Thanks btw
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    BAL Missions

    Yep its happened to me a number of times that challenge, ive force a save 3 times on target and think mission accomplished.. it tells me ive only had one shot on goal. So now i end up shooting 5 times just to be safe, imo its broken as it is.
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    PES Update TODAY!

    great news, i love that Konami have been so quick to address issues
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    Actually i think thats a really clever idea, and not only for PES but alot other games could get involved. What a great way to raise money! You should send it to M$ or something
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Ok i need you guys to test something i think ive discovered, im sure its not my imagination - the magic R2 (RT on xbox) button. Last night while playing i noticed some drastic teammate behavior changes while holding down the R2 button. If you hold it down while your team is defending, they...
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    I had a similar experience transferring to Sunderland, i think they made the EPL a real step up from eredivisie and if you arent in one of the big clubs you will have a pretty hard time
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    Ive been playing on PC and my 360 copy arrive yesterday... its been a massive let down. First the run bug, but i workaround it with 2nd controller. Then i get random freezes and disc read errors (could be my xbox, but never have this problem with other games). Not to mention the graphics...
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    ~DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF~

    Have been playing on PC and only received my 360 copy today, i look forward to installing your OF daymos :) Thanks for all the hard work. Just a quick question, if i install your OF today and begin a BAL career and Konami update the game to 1.2 sometime in the future, will i still be able to...
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    :laugh: i loved reading this, good shit
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Nice work man! Im also playing as AMF for Roda and i like the team, but have a hard time providing assists. I score more goals than i set up and really want to be a star playmaker... Any tips on how you get so many assists? Do you stay in the middle of the pitch or do you also go out to the...