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    [PES5] fishcake mix v1.0

    Appreciate wat you are saying ploppyjim, so let me put it this way, for those who don't want to use the .iml file contained in the patch, for watever reason. I suggest u do this: Check out the patch application for Nest's patch, his has u make your own .iml see his patch. Heres my tut...
  2. J

    [PES5] fishcake mix v1.0

    Very nice patch, got working first time with NO Network version, had to make my own .iml file, so anyone struggling with that give me a shout.
  3. J

    Can we have A Max Drive thread

    replay file Just got a max drive, sent you file. Would appreciate conversion and posting. Thanks
  4. J

    [PS2] PES4 option file - PESfan V3 patched version update for x-port and max drive

    Scorps option file Hi there, looking to get the bin and cue this Scrops option file but when i try to download from the link in the first page i always get "This IP .................. is not allowed to use the free-service anymore today. We detected very extreme downloads. Don't worry! This has...
  5. J

    Problems being a Client, reasons unknown.

    I got mine working, found out my modem has a built in firewall, so i had to forward correct ports for that to my modems ip address(was difficult to find out), then forward the same ports in my router to my comps ip address, although this didn't work fully, i had to enable the DMZ (forwards all...
  6. J

    Problems being a Client, reasons unknown.

    I too have the exact same problem, anyone with anymore ideas?
  7. J

    Burning options

    Hi there, i was wondering what write mode options i should use for burning a patched copy of Pro Evo 3? I'm using alcohol 120% (as cdrwin doesn't recognise my writer) and not sure which mode to select, DAO/SAO or RAW SAO or RAW SAO+SUB. Thanks Jak Or even usind Nero 6?
  8. J

    WE7/PES3 Beginners Patching Guide - Updated *April 10th 2004*

    Hi there, CDrwin doesn't recognise my cd writer so i'm using alcohol 120% to burn my cd patched pro evo 3. What settings should i use for witer mode? DOA/SOA or RAW SOA? Cheers Jak