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    I'm still playing PES 2013 in 2015

    Hi, I know this forum is for PES 2015 but since there is no more a PES 2013 forum or nobody visit it anymore, I wanted to share the video with you. Hope there is no problem with that. It's master league season 33. I had never played so long with a saved game. Trying a posesion game with...
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    Become A Legend & Online Team

    I guess there are not many gamers playing PES with Steam. And even less playing Become a legend Mode and even less playing Legends online. Sorry but that's almost a rule for every platform. You can find more BAL gamers in consoles like Xbox and PS3 or PES for PC but it doesn't matter since there...
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    Become a Legend Chronicles

    I forgot to mention the good music I used in the video so use headphones for a better experience.
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    Become a Legend Chronicles

    Hi guys, this is my player this year. His name is Fluido Gomez, he's spaniard. He is 'complete', I don't want more cards for him. Overall is 109 in both positions. he has 99 in almost every skill, except defence (75) and jump (93) I think...
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    National Team Number

    Hi, Does somebody know how to pick a national team number? I hadn't played PES 2013 but now after some seasons, I cannot figure out this.. Also, Does somebody know the age when the development stops in this PES? Greetings =) (Sorry for my bad english).
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    Show your Become Legend character 2013 (no cheated please)

    at what age, does the player development end?
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    Training Index?

    Ball control was technique, before.. It's a 'secondary attribute' there are 'primary' and 'secondary' attributes for trainning. let me explain it: Example: Trainning Dribbling: It affects 3 attributes: 2 of them are Dribbling Precision and Dribbling Speed but not the same...
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    using my BAL of 'PES 2012' in 'PES 2013'

    no, it's not possible but it's not a a bad idea. I wish konami include it in pes.
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    Show your Become Legend character 2013 (no cheated please)

    rofl! question: what's the definition of lunging tackle card? I have the game in spanish so i'm not sure if it's the card im thinking about..
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    [Cheat] BAL player editing

    I suppose this doesn't work for xbox, does it? it will be great to have the finished legend without having to spend that amount of time..
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    Never get picked!!

    true, that really sucks although it never happened to me.. =(
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    Speed merchant

    Ups, there is no legends online. I thought I'd see the legends servers the other day but they are the servers for custom matches or something like that. The rewards are for playing online matches 1-1 or MLO too. I don't know. Freakin Konami, always changing the rules. At least give us a...
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    Speed merchant

    ah, ok thanks. Does somebody know all the rewards in Become a Legend if you play legends online?
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    Speed merchant

    How did you get speed merchant card? I tried to get it for a legend the other day but I couldn't have it. For me it's very important because I always build legends like Messi-Robben.
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    My player this year.

    A new entry in my blog: EVERYTHING ABOUT BECOME A LEGEND AND FOOTBALL. With a description of Total Football and Tiki-taka systems. FC Barcelona Videos and an application to Become a Legend mode in PES. And more! The only thing is that it is in SPANISH. I will make a translation (bad...
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    My player this year.

    Hi mates, just sharing my player this year: A video with some stats: An attempt to simulate tiki taka with Barcelona and Holand: All gameplay in Superstar difficulty. If you like it, please...
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    Which training improves which stat?

    it's almost the same, few changes, most in names and defitions of some attributes, but the way to develop them is pretty the same, sorry for the bad english.
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    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    do you notice the diference in teams when they change of strategy? like when some team is loosing and it change to a more offensive/attacking system, or if they are playing home or away or against a more powerful team, an so on. the problem can be related with many things..
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    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    also, the problem can be related with condition/fitness. Many gamers don't know the way it works: So, according to this, it can be a vicious or virtous cycle. For example, I had 5 of condition/fitness but most of the times, I had red...