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    need a well know mid aged striker

    Errrm Gotta Say Bojinov Hes Amazing ------------------------------------------ Torres Is Amazin Scousers for LIFE
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    Skills ?

    Any1 Got Any Tips For skills
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    need a gd young goalkeeper?

    Fabianski 4 Arsenal Is A Beast i Have Him And Hes Saved 6 Pens
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    Who Should I Sell ??

    Ye I Agrree With That But Mascherano Is On Form and Alonso Is Out For 5 Weeks So Its A Bit Hard But If Alonso Is Playin Well I Would Sell Mascher
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    Who Should I Sell ??

    Two Bids Have Come In To Me 1 For Mascherano And 1 For XAbi Alonso They Are Both The Same Amount Of Money And The Have The Same Earnings Who Should I Sell
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    Editing Players Boots

    O Well Thanks Anyway ,,,,, !!
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    What players to buy

    When I Started It I got Eduardo Quite Cheap But very Good and Try MIchael Johnson From man city hes good and cheap . Scot PArker Helps And Onuha To But Try For The Young Brazilians Like Lucas Leiva They Work Wonders For Your Teamm
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    Most Underated player on PES2008???

    Ye I Agree With You On Fabregas,,,,, But Look At Nani He Is The Exact Same Player To Ronaldo An Quaresma I Mean Why Would Alex Ferguson Buy Him For 17 Mil. When He Already Has 1 Equal To Him
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    Most Underated player on PES2008???

    Masherano Is Very Underrated But Still He Ran The Game,,,,, Gerrard Didnt Play Very Well And Alonso Was Banned So I Played Him And He Works Wonder
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    Editing Players Boots

    Has Any1 Got Any Idea How To edit The Boots On The Ps2 For Pes 2008 Because It Only Lets Me Change The Colour
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    Ultimate option file x2

    Im A Bit Stuck I Cant Find How U Open The Download Onto My Laptop
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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    Errmm ,,, Im New To This And The Maxdrive Costs A Lot Of Money,,,, Is There AnyOther Way Of Downloading The Option File With An Ordinary Mermory Stick ?